A Trial of Will

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  1. A Trial of Will

    "Despite an attack from Khal'Khor's servant Leidamea, you have survived your perilous journey across the ocean. Now, you and your forces must travel through Escaria in search of the Temple of Viskard. Only there might you uncover the power to contain Khal'Khor and save your struggling Mage.

    The Mage has yet to give up his fight. But Leidamea has not given up either..."

    This event consists of a primary Legend and an extra Legend available immediately, as well as a set of three side-Legends that will unlock shortly after. These side-Legends will offer players a choice of Easy, Medium, or Hard. The rewards increase with each difficulty level, but so does the challenge. Players WILL be able to complete each level once the previous choice has been completed.

    Please note there will only be one PvP weekend, from 05/31/2019 to 06/03/2019. This is due to the Spring 2019 Tournament which will be running this weekend.

    Additionally, the top 5 players on the collection leaderboard will be given the opportunity to play a special role in our next event! There will be exclusive rewards available only to these players. Next week we will be reaching out to the top 10 or so players with more information and to give them the chance to opt in or out. Please note that we will be messaging more players than we need in case some people do not want to participate; even if you accept, only the top 5 players at the end of the event who opt in will be chosen.

    This event will be available from Wednesday, May 22nd until Wednesday, June 5th at Noon PT.

    Exclusive Furnishings

    Furnishings exclusive to A Trial of Will will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Box of the Golden Oak, and Royal Box of the Golden Oak.

  3. You’re definitely in the top 20k. You can calm down.
  4. oh, thank you :)
  5. To the developers NOTH GOTH AND LOTL ARE all dropping the SAME ITEMS!!!!

  6. Calm down ya fairy, give it an hour.
  7. First off, I've been reading WC posts a lot lately, so my IQ has surely dropped quite a bit..

    But in the OP you mentioned the top 5 collection people are getting something, but at my significantly lowered intellect, I have no idea what the hell your talking about. Please help a slow mind☹️
  8. What we mean by this is the top 5 collectors will be able to play a special role in the next event if they want to, starting June 5 :)
  9. Any chance us small players will get a chance at unique things to do opposed to your top spenders?
  10. Nope
  11. I tell u what, these event threads are a real Trial of Will
  12. So, are they going to be a raid boss or something? 
  13. 10/10 would ko Silph
  14. don't understand why you have not left pvp for those who do not participate in the tournament?!? The only way for me to complete the legend is have 50 crowns each event.. end with new drop rate for small account is difficult arrive to 20k anyway... so this event I can’t arrive to complete some legends... thanks ata thanks dev