A Third HTE. One thats lasts more than a few minutes.

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  1. So there are two HTE'S, the standard money maker and the blue version that drops a few extra Aqua. I propose a new one that is significantly harder and would therefore last longer. Who wants to buy a seal if its only going to give you 5 minutes of pleasure. It would still use the same seal so nothing needs to change there, its just a copy of the original with an extra '0' on the end of each bar (perhaps including the pot bar?)

    Devs, imagine the number of seals purchased if this was released. Think of your bank account... mmmm, nice yeah?
  2. 5 minutes of pleasure XD
  3. Also you can't engage hte aqua. (If you can see it says locked) it was from a past event
  4. XD

    In seriousness though, no. A extra zero or two wouldn't change much. They were 5 min battles, long before new lands & easily done when HF was opened. They would haft to add several zeros to compensate for new lands.
  5. Yes but if I said there was only one, someone would jump on and go "you're wrong, there are two."

    Also, this is off topic. The point is that HTE only caters for small builds whereas it is meant to be for "paying customers" regardless of size.
  6. I wouldnt complain about plural 0's. I'm just trying to get the ball rolling by suggesting an HTE that lasts 10x longer.

    If you think 100x is better, well, that would allow for lots of crystals to be bought and burned too.

    Come on devs, do some financial calculations.
  7. 2x Sleeping Giant or Smoke signals anyone?
  8. Better yet completing 20 PvP actions on one player off your battle list (not your worthless alt) using the "attack" and "spy" buttons gives you x2 EB plunder for 4 hours. Would you take the chance knowing you're probably gonna get smacked right back but might get that precious extra EB plunder? But hey, I bet half of you can't even find the Battle List let alone the attack button.

    If you're bored of EBs try something different. Might make it a little more interesting than tapping the green button for one more unload. You might get hit back and have to play the game the fun way.

  9. looks at his battle wins/losses looks at mine hmmmm yeah I never pvp
  10. Rainbow, that deserves its own thread.
  11. Am extra 0 on phase 2 would make it 2.7 million as opposed to the current 270k .... making it 10 x longer . Think before you speak
  12. Mr macho tough guy over here talking about his pvp 
  13. They only last 5 minutes during trains, which is sort of what you want.
  14. They won't last even that in a couple months when people have grown. Trains will stop because nobody will be able to xtals. Something will change. Either perm zta or buffed hte.
  15. Well that the risk of derailing this thread:

    Speaking of wins and losses, those states with 130k wins? How much you spend on Nobs Bacon?

    Second, Anubis considering you're in a clan that says specifically "No osw" and has your HTE rules posted on the Clan Page I feel your opinion matters as much as the gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

  16. ZTA doesnt last long in the top 100 clans either. That's 10,000 long term players that arent being catered for in a fashion that encourages in-game spending. (Again, capturing devs attention)
    At least one of them needs to be "buffed" to keep up to date with the growing world of KAW.

    Bring on the Super Haunt.
  17. True, it doesn't. I don't know,something will have to change. Suppose we'll just have to wait and see.
  18. Lol you don't, red hot Apheriun must hit back.
  19. Maybe they aren't designed for clans, maybe HTE is only meant for one player - especially with the new lands...