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Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Caster, Jul 11, 2017.

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  1. Cringe lvl is over 9000. What ape is in charge? Their must be a general manager ape, it would be nice to know which one controls the others so we can speak to him.
  3. You can test if if you're in the US lmao, who told you that you couldn't? I know plenty of US peeps that are testing it
  4. Tumblr ? I thought they were all on grindr ?
  5. YOU'RE NOT MY SUPERVISOR! (and yes, I know this is satire from the other topic we won't speak about)

    Related to the topic, this is cool. Amazing games like Evoland and more specifically Evoland 2 came out of Game Jams, and many more.

    Unfortunately, I'll probably be doing a system war here (see War section), sleeping, or out with folks despite being sleep deprived. I'll read the histories, though :mrgreen:
  6. Not interested
  7. Im playing Heckfire and its nothing like KaW lol
  8. Its probably boring like all the other games they release
  9. Tumblr? :lol:
  11. Starting ab official YouTube channel for the Devs to upload sneak peeks and stuff would be a great idea too... like supercell has recently started to do that
  12. I can't. The link they gave me goes to the store, where it says " Not Avaliable in your country"
  13. Sounds like a waste of time lol but as long as the ata team is having fun, while the players of kaw aren't, who cares, right? XD
  14. Sorry you are having a bad day. Please send bug reports to Help or support@athinkingape.com
  16. You guys are a little rough. Everyone needs a day off, and organizations like to think everyone needs a little mandatory fun, also. Plus, this is a creative event! Who knows? Maybe something here will help give inspiration for how to fix or improve something in KaW!
  17. We do get sneak peeks here from time to time - you just want it in video format? Seeking clarification.

    Supercell is slightly different: Their content is streamed and regularly has fan-made content on YouTube, while the lack of animation in-game makes KaW less inclined towards that form of media.
  18. Much support.
  19. Try a bad few yrs with kaw...u're just unlucky u hooked alot back when the game was half decent so have to listen to complaints from those addicted...to tell u the truth i can't seem to quit even tho i just feel like i complain these days n really do wish i could just delete n never return...I send bug reports in everytime i get a new one...repeatedly...still getting alot of the same bugs i saw yrs ago, barely nething ever gets fixed lol...nice try to seem like u care tho...just the usual bs from ata most have learned to see thru & so most don't even bother to report issues nemore...u guys at ata are deluded by profit margins if u think the majority r happy with the overall game nemore... it's the society of players that keep ppl playing, not what u guys at ata do with development & support XD...i do think developers need time off but u should be hiring temps to fill in & take a holiday instead of developing game ideas that might or might not affect kaw or even exist in the soon to be future imo.
  20. No interest.Fix ALL bugs in KaW first!
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