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  1. Later this week all of us Apes will be taking a break from our day to day tasks to flex our creative muscles in the A Thinking Ape Game Jam!

    From Wednesday through Friday we’ll form teams, brainstorm ideas, and crush out code as we rapidly develop games. The only requirements being that each game must be based on the Kingdoms of Heckfire universe and playable at the end of the Game Jam.

    We’ll be posting regular updates for those wanting to follow along at atagamejam.tumblr.com

    There may or may not be prizes to win, votes to cast on your favourite game, opportunities to ask our devs, artists and product people questions about game design (and everything else really) and perhaps some Parks and Rec style interviews on the Tumblr! It’s a pretty sweet opportunity to get to know the people (and perhaps see the faces) behind Kingdoms at War and our other games and what our process is roughly like when we create something new.

    One important thing to note:
    The games that are made from this Game Jam aren’t intended to be A Thinking Ape’s next big hit, but rather act as a fun creative outlet. If you’re looking for something more than that, we recommend you sign up for updates on our upcoming title Kingdoms of Heckfire at kingdomsofheckfire.com.
  2. No support. Fix kaw please
  3. Lmao.

    This seems cool. I'll stop by.
  4. Support
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  6. Make a remake of KaW just for the pvpers
  7. Basically Heckfire.
  8. but heckfire is worse
  9. Sounds interesting :) looking forward to seeing what the ATA team can come up with and who knows maybe it could influence future features within other ATA games.
  10. When will Heckfire be available in the App Store for the U.S.?
  12. probably not for another 1-3 months. They are in the "Soft Launch" phase, which is right before the actual launch.
  13. Is this really the best use of your limited resources?

    If you have enough coders to form teams then why not bring the PC version up-to-date? That could actually generate some revenue.
  14. support
  15. i believe meant for the beta testing. I was chosen/selected for it but I am in the USA and thus can't test it, because it says not avaliable in the US
  16. Who cares about heckfire. You keep talking about heckfire and marketing it on KaW. Why don't market KaW?

  17. Did you see that kaw super bowl commercial?

    Yeah me neither.
  18. Can't wait for it devs 
  19. People follow you on tumblr? If it's anything like your facebook page I'll pass thanks.
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