A Theological Question/Debate.

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  1. The real answer is who cares. Zombies are made up and Jesus is made up. Bothe are fictitious and don't matter
  2. Jesus ate a lot of brains and got super powers and since he's better than us, people worship him
  3. Pro tip: Don't drink the kool aid.
  4. You never had to come to the thread to know that. Read the title. Theology is the study of religion/God. :?

  5. Best argument I heard all day.
  6. Umm why are we comparing fairy tails?

    Catholic... Zombies fake Jesus real

    Or was Jesus killed by Andrew Lincoln

    Star of the walking dead?

    They look sort of similar

    Andrew Lincoln


    Andrew Lincoln is Jesus Christ!!!

    Does this reveal the secret ending to The Walking Dead? Is Andrew Lincoln the reincarnation of Jesus who's Death will open the doors to heaven...

    Rid the world of zombies... And bring peace to the human Race???

    Please share your opinion below

  7. I read something one time and it said. "If I'm wrong then I have wasted my life. If your wrong you have wasted your eternity."
    So as a Christian I would rather waste my life believing in a higher power, rather than wasting my eternity.
    Just me
  8. Actually, Jesus was a real historical figure. I think he was the Son of God, but that's just me. I don't want to get in a debate, but Jesus actually was born and actually died on the cross, to whoever said he wasn't real. He did actually live, walk, breathe, start the true religion, etc.
  9. The term X is looking for.. Is a "lich"

    Personally I am a Christian. Jesus is not a zombie

  10. "Zombie" is actually quite possibly, theres more science to it then supernaturalness.. no one would be rising from the dead if theyre long dead but it is possible for a Parasite(s)to enter the human/animal body and take control.. or a disease that would cause us to turn into crazed flesh eating walkers, i dont remember the name of the disease BUT there is actually a diease for humans similar to mad cow diease that is very similar to a zombie virus
  11. Val I've never had anything good to say about you before today. Your idea is solid. Presentation is mediocre at best but since you were the first to say it...I agree.
  13. Jesus came to be the sacrifice for our sins. (The previous monotheistic religion used animals to purify themselves.)

    Zombies have nothing to do with God, nor do they atone for sin.
  14. Where in sam houston does it say in the Bible jesus spent 3 days in hell? youre a special kind of stupid arent you. Because if jesus is god then jesus cant be in hell due the fact he is a being made solely of goodness whereas hell is for the bad people. Thats like putting a horse in a cat carrier. It doesnt fit.
  15. A true zombie is one under the influence of someone/something, they do exist now when people have brain damage (or play certain tap tap ganes made by apes.)
    Basically, people would get oxygen starvation when they are accidentally buried alive and get saved at the last moment.
  16. You fail to add the part of the story where he was whipped by the Cat of Nine Tails for 39 lashes(The cat of nine tails was a whip with 9 leather strands that had glass, wire, etc on the end of it and it literally tore the flesh on the person's back), or the fact when the San Hedrin condemned him, they beat him physically with their hands (where he was so beat up that his face was unrecognizable) and spit on him, or the fact that when he was crowned with a crown of thorns, they beat the thorns into his head (which is the most vascular area of the human body).

    I personally do not know of a single person who can take 3 extreme beatings, severe blood loss, and sleep deprivation (he spent the entire night before awake praying on the Mt of Gethsemane) and be simply induced into a coma. He was not on the cross for 6 hours either. He was put on the cross 3 days before the sabbath. In Jewish times, The sabbath was on a saturday. But in these terms Sabbath is plural referring to the Passover feast. Also, the day started at nightfall unlike modern days start at sunrise. So 3 days before the passover Jesus was put on the cross( which had to of been thursday because history has it that he rose on sunday morning). Thursday night counts as friday.

    also a person could not be tried without the entire San Hedrin being present or be tried at night (because unrational decisions could be made due to emotional stress). So they way which Jesus was put on the Cross was illegal in the Jewish times.
  17. And people were normally left on the cross for weeks left to drink only vinegar where at times, vultures and wild beasts would eat their flesh directly off the cross. Jesus was on for 3 days. An in fact short period.
  18. If anyone feels the need to debate this issue with me - Wall and follow me
  19. Who needs Jesus when you have Chuck Norris?
  20. Another solid point i can make, How would Jesus simply be in a coma if he got stabbed in the side? The spear would have to puncture or rip through a lung, kidney, liver and/or multiple veins and arteries. How does someone stay alive through that?