A Thank You from TSH

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  1. The Skittle Harem
    For all of those who came and helped during these last few days. We wanted to thank you! You are all amazing and we are glad to consider you friends. You are all welcome back anytime! We also would like to say to everyone that your more then welcome to visit, or even perm. For those continuing to support us we look forward to working with you. Happy Holidays!
  2. You thanked people with that colour? Damn im glad i didnt help lol
  3. Im learning bb code slowly lol
  4. Omg this hurts my eyes so bad
  5. Soport an I thank u as well for comming to help us thx from skittles
  6. Purple better??
  8. What color should i use x.x??
  9. Yay it's fun times
  10. Default colour please O.O
  11. Soport. ..an I thank everyone as well for all the help we all had a blast thanks again to all that came to help..
  12. Nice clan, very friendly peeps !!

  13. Supportī€Ž?
  14. Its so cute!!! :*
  15. Woot all always