A Temporary Truce

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  1. For a dude who's been imprisoned by an enemy for the last several events, the Mage seems awfully chipper and levelheaded. Don't tell him I said this, but...are you quite sure he's quite right in the head? :?
  2. What do you mean? The rewards for completing the quest?
  3. The items are not dropping.
  4. Artemagus Artecore item not dropping from ebs
  5. Two ebs i have completed within selecting hard and havent recieved anything yet
  6. Pretty simple to understand, EBs drop items related to side legend or legend it part of. The side legend with the choice is not dropping said items
  7. Found the issue and will push a fix momentarily. Drops will be comp'ed for already completed EBs.
  8. Promo tomorrow pls at 100% for the not so fantastic promo for Easter :) ty bb
  9. Don't want comp. Just give us the items. You've reduced event by one day, so we're behind already
  10. Confirmed drops are working now. However I've not seen the missing items from before the fix or compensation instead. Can I have my missing items please?
  11. Yes, finally figure out what item drop is. However, still cannot seem to know how to deliver promised compensation
  12. And here we go again, the same drops have stopped - didn't get any for the last eb, plus still no compensation for the missing drops at the start.
  13. Somebody hit this crying girl already please.
  14. Apologies for the delay. We've re-run the rewards for the EBs that were completed between 12-3PM yesterday. You should all have your quest items now. Thanks for your understanding everyone :)
  15. 