A Tale of Ghosts

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    A Tale of Ghosts

    The Tensu’s fall from grace happened a year and a half ago. On a nobility scale of one to twelve, they sat between four and three comfortably. The family didn’t necessarily bow down to the established elites yet they never became a thorn their sides. They just existed. Fast forward a year and they're nothing more than a pitiful waste of precious Novan resources, or so I thought at the time.

    At my request for territorial updates, my advisors told me tales about them. How they would beg at every street corner and steal fruit from market kiosks just to keep themselves alive until the next day. Not only did it become embarrassing for them, but for the whole populace. Out of pity, the police usually ignored calls about them. People just turned a blind eye to them instead of helping.
    The moral of the story was simple; If you don't acknowledge something long enough, the problem will take care of itself eventually.

    The Tensu lost it all. Their estate, vehicles, and sense of sanity in the process. To think, they had us all fooled. Can you believe it was all just to build a perfect front?

    "Allow those around to think you foolish, then rob them blind."

    Every night, the Tensu slept on the streets unbathed and in ragged clothes while miles away, a pile of treasure, and a fresh coat of blood stained someone’s walls.

    My run in with them was anything but friendly. I needed to secure the Duderon sector by appointing a family to vouch for my credentials and run the region in my stead. The Soatoh family was my first choice. Rich and well-known throughout Novan territory for their vocal abilities. With a simple yawn, they could launch a Novan miles away. Though, lurking in the back of my mind was a want to meet the Tensu. The stories and rumors…. Intrigued me. Are they that fast?

    My curiosity got the better of me. I decided to bait them.

    Weeks before my visit, I made sure it was all the media would talk about: “Harkon’s visit to Hyromi, will he finally pick his Royal family? Who knows?!”

    When I touched down in the capital cities spaceport, I swear I was greeted by half the planet’s population. Nobody went to work that day.

    I traveled to the Soatoh family’s estate via horse drawn carriage with a small security detail of thirty men, Reaver class. To make the bait irresistible to them, I traveled through a forest.
    After a few days of travel, I started to believe that a Counselor wasn’t important enough to get robbed by them. Once I was convinced, that's when they ambushed my convoy. All my guards were slaughtered quickly by a group of seven Tensu family members. How embarrassing. Their last words cried out for me to flee.

    I exited the carriage and was greeted with a pointy and very sharp dagger slicing cleanly through my right cheek. I wasted no time in activating my gloves and drawing eight cards. Four were leviathan, the remaining being a trap and two spell cards. Luck for me, I drew one of my most famous cards in my first hand.

    We engaged in a lengthy battle, with no clear winner in sight. One waiting on the other to use their trump card, no pun intended.

    My famous tortoise card had them effectively pinned for a limited time. So, I suddenly paused and asked the group of assassins to cease and hear him out.

    The lead Tensu, Jade, the future Arch of the territory, replied, "To give your hidden goons time to save you? No thanks."

    "No, I want you to escort me to the manor up ahead. I'll pay you handsomely. For your troubles."
    My would-be killers were confused. Wearily, they accepted the deal. They were probably going to kill me eventually, why not get paid to walk me first? With that, they took me to the gates in complete silence.

    I again, got out of my carriage and spoke. "You have two options. Kill those inside the estate and join me, or, continue to live a life of dishonor."

    "Why would we listen to a "peaceful" uniter like you?" Jade asked, a dagger at the ready.
    "Because, my vision is much greater than the lives of thirteen people. Because I see a strong Novan empire that does not back down to others. Now, dispose of them and take their place as a royal family, as my personal assassins."

    Jade laughed, walked over to the front of the gate and sat down with her legs crossed, the others joining her. It was my turn to be confused. I watched as they all disappeared for several moments, and reappear seconds later.

    "Aren't you going to kill them?" I asked.

    "We already did it."

    That was the first recorded use of the Silent Transportation Art (STA). It was used many times over to secure my, and many other families, throne. I’m glad they didn’t have time to use it on me.
    At my coronation, the newly formed Htenna family stood beside the VanderHills, Soltur, Oplas, Floran, Lensane, EstouQ, Tema, Reprosl, Spale, Ybut, Rembra, Ustel and Alphanto families, awaiting their turn to be anointed.

    "The Tensu family, unknown by all at the time, are the fastest recorded people in Novan territory. They can be in and out of your house in the blink of an eye. If you managed to catch a glimpse of them, they wanted you to. Just so you'd keep the rumors about them going.

    They can influence people's minds. They can make you go a hundred nights without sleep. You’d spend your days running and hiding, wearing yourself down until you realize the only way to remain free from them forever. Death."

    - Harkon, the first Novan Emperor.
  2. Chapter one

    In the middle of a vast forest, lays a palace. Not many know of its existence anymore, even those at the top of the nation’s hierarchy have only heard whispers. Why? Because it is their private residence. A place where they can sleep well knowing they’re safe, though few in the family can accomplish such a feat.

    Deep inside this palace is a room filled with five throne like chairs, aligned in a circle around an engraved symbol on the ground: A Phantom. This is not the only symbol in the room. Each chair bares a symbol as well, although different from one another: A blade, a pair of eyes, several bombs, binoculars with a planet insight and a field pack.

    The room isn’t empty either. There is a woman sitting perfectly still in the chair baring the pair of eyes. The woman’s hair is partially braided on the sides to keep the hair out of her face, yet still the length to flow down her back.

    In the blink of an eye, she is no longer alone. The woman is joined by two women and two males who take their respective seats.

    “So nice of you all to pop in.” The braided woman says with a grin.
    Everyone in the room shares one with her.

    “Why have you called us here Gail? Hopeful you didn’t stay call us here for that corny joke.” One of the males asks.

    The woman with the braid gets up from her seat and clears her throat. Her eyes dances from Novan to Novan before speaking.

    “I thought it was pretty good. You know you would have said it yourself.” She replies with a grin.

    “You should try it at the next Dodeca treaty meeting. Film it for us.” The male says with a soft chuckle.

    “I’d like to say that your stalling needs work Gail.” One of the three females in the room says.

    “Just breaking the ice. I have called you all here without your respective heirs for a reason. Some of you may figure it out why by the end of this conversation.” She begins, stepping out into the center of the room.

    “We’re here to discuss the growing threat in Novan space: Rebellion. If we don’t snuff it out now, we could see a large scale civil war between powered and non-powered Novans at a time when galactic strife is forcing our hand elsewhere. We don’t need this.” She continues.

    “Was this matter discussed at the recent Dodeca Treaty meeting Arch Gail?” A female in the room asks.

    She sits slouched, her left hand propping her face up. Her long ginger hair slants down with the angle of her head, revealing a tattoo resembling a small vortex subtly placed on the left side of her neck.

    “No, Horya. I felt it best not to ruin Yothalis’ drunken moments with rebellion talks. But I did talk with Floyd about it afterwards. He has agreed to aid us in two of our endeavors.” Gail responds.

    “Can we trust him not to betray us? We don’t have the best relations with other families. And they are rather bothersome to our goals. Besides. I hear that bastard child of his is on the move.” The first male of the group says.

    He has blonde, coyly hair that would awkwardly hang over his skinny face if he didn’t have a moustache and goatee to compliment it.

    “Floyd has become a much more honorable man in his later years, Emoram. I believe he won’t cross us. And if he does, well. We can pay him a visit.” Horya says.

    “Who will we be sending on this mission? I’d assume my group would be…. Not up to the task.” The second female of the group says.

    She has light blue, layered hair and deep scars littering her face.

    “Oh really now Savannah? That’s something I’d never thought I’d hear from you.” Gail says.

    “Well, I’d think vandalism isn’t the expertise you’re looking for. So, whom?” Savannah asks.

    “I’m willing to bet Gail has a more personal and elite group in mind.” The second male of the group says.

    This man has brown, short hair, bulging gray eyes and no blemishes on his face whatsoever. The rest of his body? Well...Don’t worry about it.

    “Are you sure David? Gail can bring up some off the wall people. Have you seen her pet?” Savannah says.

    “Do you really believe-“ Gail starts, then stops. “Moving along.” Gail says sternly. “We all bring something to the table for Hyromi.

    The Tensu bring out the very best in us in terms of physical training and survival, the Emoram bring the illusionary magic we’ve come to be known for. The Noruyt and Norwut bring alchemy and botany knowledge respectively. Last by not least, the Aisoli have blade skills that can rival the Lensanic Arch! Together, we are Htenna, we are family.”

    “So are you suggesting a in house team them. Of our children, I presume?” David asks.

    “Yes, exactly. We need to identify the cause of said rebellion. If we can foster good inter-family relations while doing so, why not?” Gail replies.

    “Doesn’t sound bad at all. My daughter would love to go. Will your youngest participate?” Savannah questions.

    “No. She will be joining a separate team comprised of other Royal family Mershiar to continue Kayel’s mission whenever she returns.” Gail says.

    “Please update us regularly on developments for that mission” David says.

    “I wouldn’t be a good spy if I didn’t point out how nice and tidy this conversation went. Couldn’t you have shot us an email?” Emoram asks.

    “I have told you all the confirmed information. Everything else is just…Rumors.” She replies.

    “Regale us on it then.” David says.

    “They have resurfaced and are on the move. My contact is constantly assuring me of that.” Gail replies bluntly.

    “Really now? I hope your gamble pays off then.” Savannah says.

    “There’s nothing to lose either way. If he succeeds, he does. If not, oh well. At least we know they’re here.” Gail says.

    “Do you truly feel that way Gail?” David asks.

    “Am I a known liar now?”

    “I guess we’ll see in due time, won’t we sister?” He replies.

    “That is all I had for you all. I’m sure our respective groups need tending to.” Gail says.

    “That reminds me.

    How is Kayel doing Gail? I haven’t seen her in a while.” Savanah asks.

    “She’s doing well. On a mission actually.”
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  5. Chapter two - Maebure

    At the dead of night, a female stands motionless in the middle of a forest. Many would call her reckless for being in Artosh now. She's holding a lantern chest high with her right hand. Without it, she wouldn't be able to see two feet in front of her. The moon’s reflecting light never reaches the bottom of the forest. The towering leafy branches of Artosh make sure of that.

    Hundreds of predators have their sights set on her. Not one dares to make a move against her, even with the advantage of numbers or stealth. An early death is unwanted; they only came to watch anyway.

    Nestled in the woman's left hand is a small stopwatch. Her thumb hovers over the clicker at the top. Keeping the nature of the forest and who lives there in mind, she appears to be waiting on something. Whether it be a flare or some other kind of signal remains to be seen.

    Her eyes dart around the forest, spending a total of five seconds at several at different points of the darkness.

    Gingerly, the female lowers her thumb onto the button, the mechanism makes a subtle clicking noise. Instantly, several clashes of metal can be heard nearby, occurring repeatedly. Nothing like a battle with a Lensane. This is on a much smaller scale. More precise points of contact between two types of steels in a slicing motion, not a hacking one. The peculiar thing about the entire situation is that the clashes ended as quickly as they began.

    A smile grows across the woman's face as a body lands on the ground in front of her and walks forward. She sets the lantern down on the ground and stows the watch into her pocket.

    "You know what must be done." The woman with the pocket watch says.

    The new woman drops to her hands and knees. Tears can be seen streaming from her face onto the ground.

    "Please...Just stop this. I’ve done all you’ve asked and still I feel terrible. We can fix all the wrong we've done." The woman manages to mumble out in-between sobs.

    "There's no going back. You know that." She says.

    "We can never go back, but we can move forward in a better direction to correct what has happened." The woman on the ground replies, looking up.

    "Then we're on the same page. Right?" She asks.

    "No. I will not sit idly by and allow you to destroy me. Lock me away if need be." She replies.

    The woman standing squats down to the other.

    "Are you sure about that?" She asks.

    "Yes. Do it." The woman replies, sitting up on her knees and placing her wrists together.

    The woman reaches her hand out for her face, fingers spread. At the last moment, she knuckles all her other fingers except her pointer and places it to her lips.

    "Silence." She says.

    Some blueish light shines brightly. A plastic like cover appears around her lips then disappears.

    "While the others will slumber, you shall watch in silence."

    The woman on the ground drops her head down in defeat.

    “Good. Accepting your fate will only help us.”
  6. Chapter three - Maebure

    “Hardships? What hardships? Don’t you realize how privileged you are? You’re a part of a royal family. You’ll never know the struggle, how we live. You have no responsibilities, and only a few obligations. Your life, the life of your kids and their kid’s kids, is set.”

    People who think like that annoy the hell out of me. I will be honest though. If I were in their shoes, I would feel the same. Still, how do you get any inkling that I live a lavish life? That’s the Reprosl lifestyle. We don’t spend billions of dollars on state dinners every other night for the hell of it. I don’t get to take a vacation whenever I want like the Tej scum. And I don’t get to go hunt endangered animals for sport like the Lensane. While the other kids of my generation ran around and played, I trained. Day in and out, alone with little to no affection from anyone if I did well.

    I am the perfect tool. I've spent most my eighteen years training and going on missions that safeguard the fragile Novan society. At the cost of my novanity. Even with all my hard work, I hear that it’s starting to collapse. I want a refund.

    I feel nothing for my fellow Novans. No compassion for the sick or homeless. Don’t believe that? Let me put it this way. If my mother were to die by the hands of Lensanic assassins in front of me, I would feel nothing. Not a single tear would roll down my cheek. My voice would not falter; my mind wouldn’t be affected in the slightest.

    I’m lying to myself. I do feel something; blood. Covering my hands and splashed all over my body. No matter how many times I bath, it won’t come off.

    You could say I crave it now, the rush of the moment, the shock in their eyes. What I love the most is the subtle things people do right before they die. The ones that get a renewed resolve to struggle with their dying breath to remove my blade amuse me the most. They feign ignorance when they know the truth.

    It is simple. When you're marked by my family, just accept it. Your fate is sealed. You will die. There is no doubt about that. The quicker you accept that, the sooner you can leave this pitiful realm of existence.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I am a tolerant person. I would never stop somebody from trying to cling to their wretched life. I'll happily watch them struggle, cursing me with their last breath until their eyes roll back.

    What kind of sick and deranged person would relish in this "barbaric” style of killing? Kayel Tensu-Htenna is my full name. I live in the Faslain sector on Hryomi, at the Redrum palace if anyone wants payback for a dead family member, lover or monster. You will have to wait though. There's a very long line, and I’m not home right now. I have a mission.

    There’s a drug lord named Vingo Raski. He runs the entire drug operation in Beslod, the lawless state – “Allegedly.” The territory was originally ours, until we ceded it to the Rohan family after our war with the Lensane. After their “untimely” demise, the state fell into anarchy.

    This played right into the expertise of the Tej. Their criminal empire expanded vastly within the state since no laws applied there. I say “allegedly because the Investigations bureau, which is led by no other than the Tej, claim he’s not. We know he’s got connections with the Tej family. He could even be one of their warlords. We just don’t have any hard proof on that.

    I’d personally just run through his mansion but we must go by the book. As per our mandate given by Harkon, we do have the right to undertake missions if it means securing the Novan state. Any miss steps and we’d be faced with lawsuits, heavy fines and calls for impeachment. That means we need to shake down his underlings. The obvious choice was Awkins.

    His personal file from the commission is impressive. Two-hundred and ten missions completed, ninety being Reaver ranked, mostly capture missions. The thorn in our side will be the work he did under the Tej family, something we don’t have access to. While the records are relatively clean, having “Tej contractor” on your file is a red flag.

    We placed him under surveillance about a month ago and if we had to base evidence of his day to day activities, he’s a rich aristocrat with too much money and time. Closer inspection reveals an intricate method of communication that has our code breakers scratching their heads. We believe he’s a pretty big cog in the machine.

    Awkins has a mini fortress in the ghost zone located near Beslod on the planet Robera, right in the middle of a gorge, sitting beside a river. Granted, it is far away from the nearest settlement, but still…Does he use the drugs he profits off of? Does he not know my family’s last name? I got to my position with no trouble at all. I’m situated in the high ground around the compound, overlooking the terrain.

    Everything is relatively quiet, with many of the nocturnal animals busy at work hunting with what little of the moon's light that’s shining down. Their conversations are comical to say the least and help pass the time.

    “There’s a truck approaching from the south of the compound. Do you want me to engage it?” An easily recognizable voice asks through my earpiece.

    "I see you're trailing me again. Need I remind you what happened last time?" I ask, placing emphasis on the last few words.

    "That's why I'm making my presence known now. The scar is still healing. Do you want me to engage the truck or not?" He replies.

    “How far out is it?” I ask.

    “If you move now, it should arrive in time for the plan you signed off on before leaving if you changed any part, then it may be off.” He replies.

    “She lets you read my mission files? I'll need to talk with my mother about this.” I say back.

    “She's just wor-” He starts, but I will have none of it.

    “She shouldn’t have sent me here if she was “worried.” She shouldn’t have trained me to be a killer if she was “worried.” I reply.

    There’s dead silence over the radio.

    “How many hostiles do you detect in each sector?” I ask.

    “Right...They just did a change of hands. I count twelve in sectors Charlie and Bravo. Five in Daytona.”

    “Copy that, I count the same. Regular goons?”

    “Nope. These guys are Tej Mershiar, contractors not regular. Probably guardians. Expect light to moderate resistance.”

    “Noted. You take Charlie and Bravo. I’ll get Daytona.”

    “Taking the easy job today? That's unlike you Kayel. I expect better.” He says with humor laced.
    “What was that?”

    “Nothing. I was just trying to ligh...Never mind. Ready to go?”

    “I am. Give me five minutes to clear my area then move in. Maintain radio silence unless you fail your part. Do you understand?”


    I take in a deep breath and release slowly. Let’s get this show on the road. I’m about to unleash the ability that makes the Htenna family feared. If holding the correct sign with my eyes closed, I can enter phosphene vision. This grants me the ability to see where exactly I’ve place my seals, and a small area around it vividly in real time.

    I place my hands together, as if in prayer, and close my eyes. An image of seven seals that are solely bound to me appear one by one alongside the general area.

    One, two, four, six. Good. All seven seals are in place.

    I open my eyes, and search for my first target of the night. He’s in position, nonchalantly standing around. I remove my left hand from the prayer, simultaneously moving my right into a position resembling pointing a gun upward.

    Silent death art, teleport: Daytona seal.

    With a blink of the eye, I’m whisked away to one of the seals I placed earlier in the day; the front gate. To be more specific, I placed it right behind the guard positions.

    Just as quickly as I get there, I wrap my arms around the neck of this poor soul while using my unoccupied hand to slide one of my daggers from the holster on my hip.

    “What the-" He starts, but never gets to finish. Those are his final words. My dagger has already sliced his throat open, with blood gushing out. One down.

    I look over at his co-worker and kiss at him before throwing the dagger straight for his skull. Fear, or my looks, has him frozen in place. The blade easily slide in three inches deep. His body drops instantly.

    I release the body in my arms and turn to face two of the wall guards, whom are gazing down in disbelief. They’re a pitiful excuse for Mershiar.

    My middle fingers run up my inner thigh. Two needles pop out and hook around them. I spin them around rapidly, aim for their hearts and throw them.

    The guard on the left fires off an energy shot, the one on the right sends out a fireball. Interesting. It probably would’ve worked if I were a tad bit slower.

    While they were preoccupied with that distraction, I’ve already scaled the wall and have a dagger in the belly of the fire user and a needle logged into the skull of the other.

    “Why’d you kill my comrades?! We’re in the ghost zone. Mutually understood to be truced.”

    “Your fate was sealed when you joined the Mershiar. Accept it.” I say.

    And with that, I push the knife all the way in and slide it out.

    “You bit—“ The man attempts to groan out. Before he could finish his offensive remark, I jab the knife into his heart.

    “I know.” I reply, as his body falls limp onto the ground.

    “All my areas are clear.” I whisper softly.

    “So are mine. Want to grab the package?” He asks.

    “No, I’m going to get him by myself. I obviously have to prove I can." I say back.

    “You can’t work me up like that, then tell me to wait. It’s a waste of my enzymes.” He replies.

    “Just sit tight, I can see the truck.”

    “Why aren’t they using a speeder?”

    “It’s a rural planet, probably trying to keep appearances. They are drug traffickers.” I reply.

    “I don’t really like it. Are you sure you want me to provide just over watch?” He says.

    “No, I said to sit tight and wait. I’m not above harming you.”

    “You don’t say.”
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