A Storm of Retribution

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Caster, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. If he gets 5k for that, I'll be sure to take ATA out to dinner. Including a free vacation to Hawaii, all expenses paid for!
  2. Don’t make this off topic. Go back to breakfast food or don’t post. Tell em, Bruce.
  3. Hold up. For 5k event items? Woah.
  4. I believe KaW getting events was one of the best things that has happened. It's quite satisfying getting to work for your goal doing many other things to achieve it as well, then once you achieve it you set the bar a little higher, seeing how many more items you can get until the event is over.

    This is just a positive thought process about the b2b events. try it out :^)
  5. marry me
  6. Activity goes almost dead between events. Ebs get slow, recruiting is nonexistent, and growth slows down terribly--you can see that in almost any clan. Wc even gets less chatty, although there are more ads because more clans are desperate for help because activity is so low.

    Plus, events are fun. I like the tiny thrill of opening free chests and hoping for some good stuff. I like the insant gratification every-other eb as my event items combine and my total climbs higher.

    I like that we're getting into a new legend series  I feel like we had a couple disparate ones lately, although elements was super nice. The upped item drop rates last event were also super nice.

    Will trade 1 (one) cookie for just 2k event items 
  7. This is an event thread. My post was about events. If you don’t like it ignore it and sod off or hit me with your main. 
  8. Waiting for a mod to ban bruce and lock this thread
  9. /ban bruce
  10. I agree lol
  11. If you ban Bruce I’m taking away your waffle privileges for a month young man

  12. Okay you're my valentine <3
  13. People still buying this crap
  14. I’m loving the harpies vegina story line. It’s so cool and so much fun following the exploits. Another big win by ata.
  15. Uhm, reinstalled game and everything. On Samsung S7, no side legend.
  16. It hasn’t been released
  17. Lame. Events after events again and again.. where is this going and what is the point? Just squeezing money out of the spenders and ignoring the rest of the community?

    Surprised there are still players willing to spend on boring events after boring events.. never ending.
  18. Serious question. What is the need in producing forums for each and every event? They run constantly and are very much the same. For any new player the community will likely be the source of any information on these events, making these forums rather pointless.

    Yet there is numerous glitches and faults to the game of which you keep telling us ‘you are aware of and are working to fix’ although how long you’ve been telling people that I don’t know. Just feel like you could be quicker doing a forum on the progress you’re making with these issues within the game, which I know many people have contacted you about.
  19. Tbh bax, I like the threads because I like following the story of the legend series. I'm always disappointed when there is no thread.
  20. I’m just going to be upset if there isn’t an eyepatch in this series...already missed an opportunity for the trinket. 