A Storm of Retribution

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  1. A Storm of Retribution Legends

    Your fleet has arrived, and you set off in pursuit of the pirate gang who invaded Alverdine, the Harpies' Harriers.

    Can you catch up to them and mete out justice before they can regroup? Or are you sailing into a trap?

    This event consists of a primary Legend available immediately as well three side-Legends that will unlock over the course of the next two weeks. You have to complete your previous side-Legend before unlocking the next one.

    This event and The Harpies of Vigona EB will be available from Tuesday 13th until Wednesday 28th at 12:00 PM Pacific Day Time.

    The Harpies of Vigona

    The Harpies of Vigona are back! This Epic Battle will be available until the end of the A Storm of Retribution event. To initiate it, Clans will need to use 5 Mariners' Tithe which have a chance to drop from Scylla's Chests (you can get these Chests from daily Legends) and Royal Scylla's Chests (these Chests have a chance to drop from Epic Battles).

    Any unused Mariner's Tithe will expire after the event ends, so make sure to use them before that!
  2. I’ll give you a waffle if you give me a jumpstart on the event by giving me 5k?
  3. Seems legit
  4. Ill do one better. A Waffle, 2 bananas, and a glass of OJ.

    I like the continuity. Now on our way back from Vigonia we will encounter the Revenge of Zuthmerak!
  5. Um, I’m give you two waffles and authentic canadian syrup!
  6. Um where's the actual rewards for this NEW EVENT ????
  7. Tried posting from my Droid, but did not work, so herewith from ipad2..

    Kind reminder, we impatiently await next eb in the Wrath of the Sveruganti series. I'd say at least 10x as hard as goth, bonus only if at least 4x full unloads, max 10 xtl in eb (keep max 24 xtl per 24 hours) and gold min 15x goth Br Solve
  8. Seems the dollar grin was the issue, could not post it from pad either.

  9. I got an offer Bruce can't refuse

    1 giant hotdog, 2 brazil nuts & for desset a chocolate lava cake with a dbl fudge frosting

    ToddBacon #1 ...bon appetite
  10. How about 3 waffles, a pancake, some strawberries, coffee, milk, and a warm bagel.

    Beat that.
  11. Easy. Ill add bacon.
  12. I will then slap some sausage in.
  13. Dont turn this into a sausage waving contest.

  14. Bruce doesnt want your vienna sausage ...he wants my giant hotdog
  15. I will wave all the sausage I want to wave. I’ll wave sausage until they give me 5k items.

    Bruce plz take my sausage and give me 5k. Ily
  16. Its like one massive sausage orgy
  17. Events are here to stay. I get it. But could we, for the love of God, get at least a little break between them?

    Does anyone care to start a poll to measure the popularity, or lack thereof, of the b2b events without breaks? I’d celebrate just a 3-4 day break between them.

    Devs can continue NK ebs...the revenue won’t slow much with just some marginal breaks between events.

    And yes. Im too lazy to create or insert any kind of poll or even start a new thread. And yes I have b2b event butthurt which is madly enflamed at the moment.
  18. Devs said when there’s no events a considerable amount of people don’t log on at all.