A "Socking" Story Contest!

Discussion in 'Activities' started by LovelyDenial, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Oh come on my story was brilliant
  2. Sorry to all that did not make it to the finals. I loved the stories. I just loved the others more.
  3. mine med sence tho.

    why u do dis
  4. Cause I don't like you. 
  5. u no get u sock bak... is part of me noww
  6. How could you do this Air Juan!
  7. Honestly, I would have accepted it into the finals if it had actually been continued.
  8. Should have told me to continue!
  9. I didn't feel like playing story referee along with judge.
  10. After much thought and inspection of all 4 stories, I decided that the best story that both fit the scenario, and that I personally enjoyed, was the second finalist.

  11. Thx for picking me :) & great to see all the participation...more power to all the writers out there!
  12. A socking story in pink font...ironic
  13. It's not pink. Silly.
  14. Congrats to the winner and thanks for the challange op