A "Socking" Story Contest!

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  1. So... I have mini contest for you all.
    It's been a while since I've made a thread, so bear with me.

    Back Story:

    I was wondering around in WC last night, drunk off apple martinis. When I woke up, I found my foot cold, and naked. It didn't take me to much thought to realize that I have lost my sock to WC! I quickly asked WC if anyone knew where it was.

    They couldn't find it. So, this is where it comes to you.


    I would like a short story. I want to hear all about how the sock managed to get off my foot, where it is, what happened to it, etc.

    If it were stolen, I would like to hear about it. If I took it off/it fell, I want a reason. You get the idea.

    Doesn't need to be a long and detailed account. Nothing more than 50 lines, please.
    No profanity.
    No illegal acts.


    As this is a mini contest, I'll offer a 50B ally hire, and a lovely wall art post for you.

    Just something fun and player interactive. :)

    Bonus points if I somehow manage to find the sock at the end of the story! Lol

    Good luck, my ~lovelies~<33!
  2. Apple martini... ew
  3. Well the name of my favorite alcoholic drink is filtered. ;)
  4. So there you were, more pissed than a urinal, when over comes Silph. Silph starts hitting on you, and your friends egg you on to flirt back. Then it turns out that Silph has a thing for feet. You, being drunk as an Irishman, decide that this is sexy and go along with it. Silph dissappears and you wake up non the wiser, but with cold tootsies.
  5. Once upon a time... On the hills of the foot of the Lovely.. Roamed a mighty string of Valor. His name was Juan Pablo de Fabio Uno Sieve(Air Juan).

    Air Juan lived in a village, named Juan Pablo de Fabio Dos Sieve(Pablo Town). In Pablo Town, the order of Knights, knows as the Eight Aces, ruled the land.

    In this land, lived a boy... His name, was Moot. Moot was a very strong lad, however, he had a hatred for the Knights, for they had killed his father on crimes of pillow nabbing.

    In his hatred, Moot developed an ingrown association, known as The Ingrown Secret Association. This group was made to kill and conquer all the Knights had.

    So, many years had passed and a Great War had started. The Knights, on the verge of victory, were astounded as a great warrior, who's name was Mootiviscus(his disguised name) rode along the plain, slicing threads of the land they called Sockia.

    Little did he know, that would end them all. As he cut the last thread, the land of Sockia was lost.... Until further notice.


    If you find your sock.
  6. Knocking the socks off on the beach..

    Is that the name of your fav drink?
  7. No. It's a pretty kitty ;)
  8. In a cold land far from here a great city, whose name has since been lost to time, was just about to meet its end. The city's impending doom was brought on by a winter so harsh it froze the soil & brought winds of ice so powerful men turned to ice when caught out in blizzards. The leaders of this city decided a solution had to be found quickly & sent out for great minds across the lands to be gathered.
    The first person to be gathered thought perhaps lighting many great fires would solve the issue but soon found it was impossible to get the large amounts of timber and fuel required to keep the fires lit for long. The second person to come suggested they should build a wall around the city to block out the cold but soon found digging into the frozen land for the stone required would be another impossible task. Then a third person thought of an idea that could possibly be the solution they required. All the leaders and many of the city's people were gathered in a large hall and the person explained vaguely what it was he wanted to do, "We must travel far, to the lands of Kaw, and gather a number of items believed to have mystical properties contained within. Spells and equipment the likes only the Gods of Kaw could make." The cities leader's & people thought the person strange but had little choice but to take this option if they planned to survive the winter. And so it was that a small expedition set out across the world to Kaw and gathered up the spells and equipment needed. But before they could safely arrive back in their home city once more they were savagely attacked by a mighty clan of Kaw, who killed all save 1 lone survivor. The survivor was beaten and barely alive but just before having made their escape from death they managed to snatch something from one of the more drunken Kaw savages whilst begging at their feet for mercy, before scrambling & then running away. It was a sock & it may seem unusually strange to do this, under normal circumstances, but the survivor did not want to return home empty handed and hoped atleast this was something that could help to keep them warmer, if only slightly.
    Finally, after a long & tiring journey, the survivor reached the entrance to their home city once more only to be swept up in a blizzard of monumental proportions freezing both the city and all those within solid. It is said, if you ever try to find this city, you will know its entrance by a frozen figure covered in battle wounds & still trying to pull one sock over their foot.

  9. Handsome man und socks, ja?
  10. Deni, think yourself lucky your sock didn't end up in the hands of tr3s?
  11. It'd be more like "cardboard" now if Tr3s took it ?
  12. These stories sock.
  13. Then participate, you scrub 
  14. Once upon a time you were drunk, stuff went down THE END PS: your sock is inside your shoe!
  15. I like Snoopys and Ozzens
  16. Did you check your shoe?
  17. "It's karma"

    So here is what happened. I witnessed the whole event from the time you passed out until you posted in WC...I kawelled for the police but there was too much chaos..

    Dirty WOG stole it as he says. He slithered over to you at the bar while you were passed out. Apparently they have a foot fetish and you have cute as a button toes.

    Then while they were sitting at their table chugging a few, they were stroking the sock while it lay on their lap..that's when I kawelled the police. Meanwhile Risa came by serving food to Dirty and noticed what a nice sock they had laying on their lap under the table...Rissa while placing the food on the table slid 1 hand under the table and grabbed the sock. DIRTY GOT EXCITED, jumped up and spilled over the table making lots of noise. This is the part where it gets exciting.

    Simba ran by during the commotion, yanked the sock, which I might add was a very nice sock, and bolted for the door. Thats where you woke up to discover it missing and your foot was cold.

    I saw where simba was off to and ran to rescue that sock as well as your cold foot, I tripped on the spilled food that was all over the floor. Bumped my head and the last thing I remember was karma tackling simba with a full on frontal clothesline. Ask karma where your sock is... by the time I woke up, karma was standing with his cape blowing under the ceiling fan and the police were shaking his hand. I was hauled off the the hospital.....
  18. Wait, my phone was recording at the time...here is a clip from the scene...this is unedited so be patient. It may be too graphic for smaller children....

    LMAO. Apparently there are no clean gifs for sock fetish on the Internet. WoW, some of those made me blush.....you'll just have to live without the last screen shots for your story.....
  19. Postman has been entered, that was a great story, love.