a short story of my actual butthurt that is real.

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  1. The butthurt is real.

    My butthurt is real.

    Year 2013

    So anyway. A few years ago I woke up one morning and my news was filling with kotfe hitting me.

    No suprise for me at that time in kaw. I had only recently got a cease fire from them.

    Some noob in their clan had screen shots of being farmed by me. Except it wasn't me.

    Iprohet had changed the name to of one of his kingdoms to my name for a short while and farmed one of their idiot noobs. He was good like that.

    Anyway in palringo I was shown these screen shots. Yarmes was leading the charge. I was surprised also. I told them it wasn't me. They didn't believe me.

    In pm the noob that I was accused of hitting claimed they even went to my wall from the news feed so it was definately me. That was a lie.

    The noob also said in pm I deserved what I was getting. I had never even heard of their noob up until that time.

    Being in kotfe ca is not like being in other clans ca. They really stop you dead in your tracks 24/7. No end in sight. I was so butthurt, because I knew I'd done nothing wrong and I was already on thin ice with that crowd anyway.

    Yada Yada Yada. Their noob lied.

    Time passes. Their noob left kotfe. Joined some idiot clan. Time passed and they went inactive.

    Now. 2016

    That lying piece of trash has come back! Is even a probie at one their ass licking sub clans.

    I never forget or forgive that lie even after almost 3 years. I'm so happy with kaw right now.

    I am and will ruin that lying sack of dried up old turd player who ironically pretends to be a woman but I know isn't. Until it quits and leaves kaw for good.

    That pig, that lying stinking low life pig is the one and only player I won't ever stop hitting.

    So yeah. That's a little side story from the annals of kaw for my part anyway.

    I love it. I actually have a fully realised experience of actual butthurt. That noob Is toast like no other for me.

    Even the same as 3 years ago. It has already started whining and getting protection art and licking bums to save itself. Exactly as it did 3 years ago. Times have changed. Nothing is going to save that stinking pig now.

    The first moron that threatened me on the lying pigs wall is already smashed to pin. This is my kaw now. Pigs

    Long live kaw!

    Long live pieces of  who think a name change and a couple years of inactivity make people forget.

    I don't forget. I never forget.

    As a side note. Poor old cheese was one of the only few who stuck by me through out that incident. Kotfe ruined him also.

    Long live the imitation cheese!
  2. Get the torches and pitchforks boys, this is a really legit internet battle.
  3. #Skinnyforvk
  4. What's their username?
  6. Woe is you op
  7. We are anonymous
  8. Yep being in Kotfe CA back in the day was no joke. Literally having to xtal up to hit back.

    Good times though for sure.
  11. For some reason I'm always amazed at much people lie on this game to get what they want.
  12. Bump for someone who has cream to cure butthurt
  13. Pahahaha get rekt
  14. You're butt hurts? Why don't you stop sitting down then?
  15. Why don't you quit Kaw then? ^
  16. A noob in kotfe? Which one? There's so many
  17. Very well written. I enjoyed it
  18. I want to know the noob in kotfe. Tell me skinny. And beat that lying ass sucker up good.