A scientific look into the female mind

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  1. Joining all girl clan, as a man

    Join me as we discover the intricacies of the opposite gender

    For instance:

  2. support :lol:
  3. Bunch of lesbians
  4. They fear the ‘sword’ of man.
  5. Men, we must stand up and do our duty. We must rise up against the women of KaW and put them back in the kitchen
  6. Everyone should go to the kitchen, there's fresh food there.
  7. Hahahahahahaha kasama u noob. That prolly y u estil birgin an on grugs bro.
  8. screw u saltyfet
  9. Im curious about exactly how many guys are in that clan pretending to be girls
  10. A solid half I bet bro lmao
  11. Lol this is great
  12. gIrLs dOnT pLaY kAw
  13. This made me laugh :lol:
  14. LadyTyphoid, you were there.

    I gotta know, why was I kicked? ):

    People think this was a joke but this was the last chance for me to get a KaW wife :cry: :cry: :cry: :lol:
  15. Half cos I recognise girls do play kaw and there's a ton of saddos on dis game