A question for iProphet

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  1. Alpha males?  and scared?  roni you tickle my funny bone
  2. All of you are insane
  3. I think I'm probably an alpha, I am a k-9... :/
  4. Roni and skinny are the 2 big trolls or kaw forums right now it's depressing how far trolling has gotten, or just how bad it is rather. Either that or they're genuinely delusional and use kaw as an outlet I don't know. But I prophet is sure to join their ranks real soon.
  5. No trolling here ! Its all legit truth. i even got a screenshot of it too ! in wc from the other night.Worm member and AWP member demon when he said in wc bye kaw I am retiring .He then added val now isnt the real val ?? !! What even did he mean by that dishing up the dirt on his old buddy !!
  6. Wow roni, fanboy on kaw much ? Get a life 
  7. Growlithe you are a big fan of me its you who needs the life.I don't even know you yet you was quoting me from last night. I have no history of anything to do with you. Dkod but not you you wasn't in there when I had wars with them .So don't bring yourself into there till 2 years after it happened .So don't talk my name when there's no connection .
  8. and I am not a boy I am female and really you wouldn't have no idea of anything I've did or my history with those i joke or talk about so butt out.
  9. Look at my alt "x-Hades" wall and then tell me if you remember me, idiot
  10. Demon is a friend you moron 
  11. He gave up secrets in wc .Lol I doubt he is a friend now else he would not have exposed it.
  12. That time you was a visitor . You then joined An8 growlithe.But funny comments on your wall and even funnyier mkdon coming after you.
  13. I was a visitor with a Devil tag on?  sure
  14. Yet you don't have a devil tag now. Many put devil or angel or dragon in their screennames .doesn't mean they are a legit connection to the namesake clan.just like people put machine .before even knowing there's a group of people in apoc called machines also.
  15. This is very entertaining...
  16. Exposed what? Lmfao.
  17. Women, reminding men exactly what they said, on the 18th of June 1983
  18. Anyone else counting down to skinny's forum ban again?