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  1. Those of us who love EE have invested a great deal in preparing our accounts to be the best. Many have spent their hard earned cash but this is only a small portion of the total. Much greater is the time, and energy that we all have poured into studying, memorizing, and understanding the game and all of its intricacies. The biggest investment is in building ones reputation with those they want to fight beside. The better the team one would like to join, the longer the time spent proving the ability to be effective and creating a sufficient level of trust. Therefore, when I see the number of nm results begin to jump considerably, I can't help but take notice. What follows are two examples that I believe the kaw community, as a whole, would benefit from an increased level of understanding.
    On 7/4, I participated in war 24. It was a long shot, we knew, but the only shot was to cast, and hope for the best. Much to our surprise we were matched. Of much greater surprise was the ridiculous 356,800,633 CS discrepancy between the two rosters. That we were the bigger of the two does little to keep the EE community thriving. Barring multiple inactives, or a complete lack of competence, overcoming that kind of deficit is about as likely as me stepping up to home plate and hitting a homerun in the next televised MLB game.
    Today, I rostered for war 6. Seeing that several other clans were also interested, and actively looking in WC, or gathering warriors to clans from rosters they prepared previously, I was pretty sure a match would happen. However, that was not to be. Instead, another nm result. So, I began to look again. What I found was beyond disappointing.
    Casted, and waiting was another clan that was only 36,364,323 CS bigger than ours. They also recorded a nm. I can't help but think about the last S5 proposal, and the number of people who are touting it's superiority over the first. While I see no redeeming qualities in the 1st proposal, I must say that the second is no better. It's very important to understand that a great majority of those who just can't get enough of the indi war proposal have done little to none of the proving ones self I spoke about at the beginning. They wish to shortcut the process, to take the easy way out, and why not? The indi proposal is built of the same cloth.
    So I ask the devs, what is going on here? I've never been a conspiracy theorist, nor am I now. But something is definitely wrong when the above results are possible. We want primal wars. It's that simple. Others want indi wars, and some still cling to rounds. Please, explain how this can happen, devs and then give us a season that reflects our wishes. I can't believe the money spent, by us, isn't fulfilling yours.
  2. support !!!
    devs made primal wars for better matching
    but have these bad matches eliminated ??
    indi war small bracket are bad matches
    primal war are often bad matches
    and lol round wars are always bad
  3. Didnt I comment on this crap yesterday? Why post again?
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    Tl:didn't want to read
  5. So post farming is a great thing to do went you didn't read it. Maybe read it and you'll learn something as I see you EE war. What OP has said is 100% correct. Love the analogy of overcoming 300m cs.

    Nice thread OP.
  6. Thnx Dee for highlighting the issues... Just to corroborate about descrepencies..See war 9 b/w Moles and Raiders Oasis..Moles on one side barely 120 mil cs while Raiders had cella valk and others...Huge bfa too..Cant comment on each one's bfa but for sure RO is way way bigger...So Devs is it ur attempt to support Round wars by giving the matches whatever be the cs difference?? While Primals almost same CS still no match...Definitely way to improve ur matching system (Try not to destroy the format of primals by creating no matches for almost same cs or matches with absurd cs differences...) You are taking away my love for ee..
  8. Support all the way...something needs to change.
  9. Whiner_on_the_battlefield
  10. Idiot that does EE, get off this thread please.
  11. The 2nd proposal makes fair matches every war....the other will provide no matches ...yeah hard to choose lol
  12. Ah an sh explains a lot.
  13. Like 3 clans want primals , 1 wants round wars and the rest of kaw participates in the best style of war available....indi's.

    Say what you will about how you think your clan is so great and everyone else sucks lol but the truth is everyone wants wars the way season 1-2 were and indi's are the closest to that.
  14. Allow me to address a few misconceptions. There is ZERO whining going on, but there is a direct question to the devs that I hope gets answered. Likewise, there are far more than 3 clans who enjoy primal wars; I suggest a season that includes all war types. I have not suggested that anyone sucks at warring, nor will I. This thread is about a BROKEN MATCHING SYSTEM which, if not fixed, will plague the entire season, regardless of its format.
  15. Sounds like whining to me there is always a way to win
  16. Strange matchups indeed.

    As for the the two S5 proposals so far, I'm torn between both choices:

    - First a tournament that will yield only participation from hardened EE clans, with participation bound to drop along the season. Nothing there for me after the after-S1 fiascos I encountered on my EE account. And honestly, those closed team rosters are pretty hardcore (and I'm coming from hardcore WoW raiding and PvPing).

    - Second, an event that certainly will draw much more participation as it is much more casual and has a much larger audience. But leaving all EE teams out in what should be an event with a final ranking ladder... sounds contradicting. You'd need to get rid of all moles, cheaters and hope that the general level of the audience would be high enough that the skills of the EE veterans of each individual team will be the decisive factor in those indies.

    There has to be a middle way between those two, but it's really not obvious...
  17. Romani-We won which you would know if you actually read the original post. Without a match, I would suggest that winning is impossible.
  18. Nice broken sword.

  19. Come on every ee war thread on every single day is a dotb tagged person crying about primals...every single day
  20. There has never been a true final rankings of season clans before why start trying now? Its about rancor and equip not clans.