a possible evolution in KAW

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by asharat, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. This idea has 1 fan! Oh wait...that fan just committed suicide...10
  2. That was funny cheese lol talking about putting someone on blast
  3. i like this idea except if it keeps evolving like that it would stop at color of banner
  4. I do like the idea...but there's too many what Ifs!
  5. It IS a possible evolution and it is likely but it will take awhile, however the thought of two sides only being in constant war sounds fun
  6. Wouldn't it be nice if a clan had something tangible you could attack, not just its members. Maybe just to disable it or perhaps bust it? Just thinking.
  7. [​IMG]

    I don't care about these haters. It's a good idea.

  8. The most interesting thing I've read so far. This would be awesome. Like a world war in kaw. The losers would probably end up quitting though.
  9. So basically more than 1 clan against more than 1
  10. I think it would be ok to have multi clan wars, but with a people limit or clan limit.
  11. I'd like to see wars to fatality rather than the current pin for no reason all day and night wars we have now.

    For example-

    Have attacking and defending troops. If you run out of defending troops, you get knocked out of the war.

    Players knocked out would lose something. Maybe the player killing him gets to pick mithril, plunder, maybe raze a building.

    You could replenish def troops w crystals or reassign attacking troops if you get hurt too bad.

    During the war, each successful attack gives the small <1% possibility of one perm item being transferred to the attacker.

    Chuck the war tax altogether, give a bonus to the winners equivalent to the war tax divided among survivors. Spy actions would be given equal share.

    Allow spies to hit defending or attacking troops.

    Throw in an obscenely priced (50 mith) resurrect spell :D that can bring one person back from the dead once per war.

    The ability to group summon an avatar, like a dragon, to fight on your side (everyone pools say 10 mith each the more mith the stronger the avatar).

    Cast fireballs for 10 mith that can damage multiple opponents.

    Make war hurt bad or be incredibly profitable.
  12. Raze a building? That would be some funny #$%&