a possible evolution in KAW

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  1. From my perspective it seems that maybe in the future we will have mass clan wars , the reason I say this is that clans found being a lone single clan no matter how powerful had its disadvantages so the natural order was to form alliances .
    These became unreliable and a bit too mutable so this may evolve into the family clan structure of today.
    Already there are a number of powerful grouping family clans with effectively thousands of members and these have been formed to allow those clans to choose their direction and game play with a lesser chance of being bullied and a greater way to project force.
    I guess it will come to pass in the future that we may have THE GREAT WARS where maybe hundreds of clans are fighting each other at the same time.
    We might even get an extreme position far in the future of polarity where you are one side or the other
    Or we may find that these family's dissolve away and we have single clans again , still it will be interesting to see how it all develops.
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  3. this is verging on a wall of words.

  4. OSW are nice though. Why limit your clans frustrations into 2 days or less when you can pound the other clan for weeks/months. Then it becomes satisfying for your enemy to admit defeat. Besides, System wars can get messy with people bitching about "outside" hits or "You merced!" and much more.

    Just increase plunder when attacking builds near your stats.
  5. Tl;dr

    So... Long story short please?
  6. Basicly... Everyone dies?
  7. I'm just waiting for the first great war to start where these multiclan familys fight (we have 28 clans ) in KoA but there r stronger groupings out there
  8. This...is dumb.
  9. You are full with ideas, but i think you should think of the pros and cons of this. I have an idea how about two clans go to war but the war is on who defeats the EB the fastest and more efficiently
  10. ^oh god. 
  11. Multi clan system wars 
  12. Interesting ideas OP. Your observations are definitely in the realm of possibility.

    I've noticed some of these trends also.

    Ignore the adolescents looking for attention.
  13. A huge kaw wide war will never happen. Most players can't stomach a couple days of a good osw and would back out of the war at first chance.

    You mention 28 clans in your alliance but how many have war experience? I bet many would avoid a war at all cost or say they don't believe in the reasoning behind the war as a way out. Then some the others would likely have a cf after a day or two and congratulate for giving a good fight.

    I would bet out of that 28 you will see only a few willing to stick it out and fight.
  14. What are you on?

    Paranoia. It's common
  15. People who say long story short DON'T MAKE IT ANY FLIPPING SHORTER
  16. 28 clans huh? Sounds pretty badass, right?

    Take a look at this and see for yourself just how useful such an "alliance" really is.

    This was in response to me asking him for help fighting Black Hand.


    Posting from a crappy alt - PRICELESS. :lol:
  17. Stop stealing my ideas bitches! Every time I see a "new idea" thread, it is always an idea i have made a thread about and got advice from
  18. Good idea, perhaps a 5vs5 clan limit tho