A Plague of Riddles - Equipment

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  1. Ill tidings have reached your ears.

    There have been reports of strange, unidentified creatures appearing in a town in the Lowlands, attacking and abducting your subjects.

    Meanwhile, an increasing number of your troops have been laid low by a mysterious illness, leaving your kingdom perilously vulnerable...


    Earn your choice of equipment: Ring, Arm, Legs or Chest Piece.

    Use your Sindarin Tomes which you earn as rewards through the legend feature to upgrade and improve your equipment!

    The equipment goes through the following path:

    • Ring of the Salamander - Tier 1
      Ring of the Salamander - Tier 2
      Ring of the Salamander - MAX Tier (MAX CS = 180Mil)
      Vambrace of the Salamander - Tier 1
      Vambrace of the Salamander - MAX Tier (MAX CS = 410Mil)
      Cuisses of the Salamander - Tier 1
      Cuisses of the Salamander - MAX Tier (MAX CS = 900Mil)
      Breastplate of the Salamander - Tier 1
      Breastplate of the Salamander - MAX Tier (MAX CS = 1.6 Bil)
    Each improvement costs 1 Sindarin Tome as reagent.

    For example: To get from the base level, Ring of the Salamander - Tier 1, to the max tier, Breastplate of the Salamander - MAX Tier, you will need 8 Sindarin Tomes.

    Improving Equipment Level

    To upgrade the level on equipment you will get to use your Empowering Sindarin Tomes. Which will start to be usable on June 12th at 12:00 PM.

    These will take you from level 0-10, levels 10-13 require Crystal Empowering Sindarin Tomes which are rewards for the greatest collectors of Stoval's Serum!

    For more details check out the "!" next to the details on each legend.

    Good luck and exploring Legends and A Plague of Riddles!
  2. Wait, I've seen stuff about legends? But what's plague of riddles? A type of legend or something?
  3. Drops from ebs i guess?
  4. Thank you!
  5. I don't see any of these new equipment or the legends button.
  6. A chest plate having 1.2bil cs
    Hot Damn Papi
  7. My Collect Reward button isn't working...
  8. Nice, Thank you
  9. Think of it as an event where Legends are the mechanism by which you are tasked with challenges and receive your rewards. A Plague of Riddles is the main Legends storyline that will take place over the next two weeks.

    Please check the Google Play Store for the latest KaW update! Note that you should only see a Legends button. The equipment is rewarded by progressing through several Legends.

    What happens when you try and collect your rewards?
  10. Nothing happens when I tap the button
  11. How does one make the ring into chest? Or is chest a drop as well?
  12. Hoped it would clustered tasks not a mainstream event like always :-(

    Nice new feature but it could be used much better
  13. Thanks! We're looking into it. In the mean time you can continue to collect progress.

    You've only scratched the surface chum.
  14. How do you see the LB for the legend?
  15. You don't find the Leaderboard, the Leaderboard finds you. Just make some progress into your main Legend and you should see it ;)
  16. You will need to open up legends several times (4-5) before all drops will drop from ebs.
  17. So are u still releasing aq n inf drops outside of war rewards n the usual small eb drops? i'd still like to enchant my old eq's while waiting for these ones n i can't see how i'm going to get enough now. Def not doing ee cos it's been unbalanced n filled wit bots forever n u guys never fix it.
  18. Yo Devs....tidings have reached your ears...the majority of kaw players dislike the  you have turned kaw into...too bad you have deaf ears.
  19. Nooooo my pc accounts can't even participate in events anymore because they'll only be through Legends? I'm crying m8s