A new type of system war

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  1. Pots used in war
  2. That way no way to scam the system and maybe devs will implement it
  3. Support really good idea
  4. They had this in old KaW, this system was called plunder wars (pwar for short). ATA didn't what this pwar so for a short time wars paid in mith and ebs were introduced. Now system war is good for nothing, and will still be that way.

    ATA did it for a reason, not happening, but support
  5. No support

    If you want to make system wars relevant again remove the timer and make it so that a war lasts until someone gives up. No holds barred. It would be a hell of a lot better than pointless, endless osw, and then a true winner of a dispute would be clear. Can you imagine the payouts to the winners after a 3 month fight? Now that would be worth fighting for.
  6. This wouldn't yield any profit ... So no pwar aspect to it ... Only money paid out would be for the pots u personally used to att and def ..

    No lose of gold no gain of gold

    Just strictly used for training and practicing
  7. Ty for the support I'll email devs later today and see wat they say
  8. Full Support
  9. Non-prestige league.
    -mith disabled, no mith payouts.
    -2 crystal limit

    -gold payout
    -Max estoc level 2

    I think that would be a simple solution.