A New Twist on a Clan Bank - KaW Style

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  1. I don't know if it will be implemented but:

    1. Devs boost clan stats through EB bonuses (and of course equipment boosts individual stats). This is the same thing, except you get to seal and spend $ to do it;
    2. There is no possibility for P2P gold transfer;
    3. There is no suggestion of BC - limit Clan Lands to 80M CS ~15% of current LCBC stats.

    So this should go some way to ease the Devs' concerns.
  2. Yes
  3. HTE. ZTA. BR. Event bonus. Estoc Edge. Bronze bars. Silver bars. Battle Cry. Regular crux. Gold crux.

    Need I say more? All of these things boost stats, increase the rate of UGs and allow for transferring funds between accounts. Yet all of these are part of the game...your argument is invalid.

    Given the state of the game, the devs apparent lack of care for inflation or the ridiculousness that is a 500M CS sized account, somehow I don't think they care.

    A small CS increase for clan lands won't have that big of an impact. And even if it makes growing a bit quicker for players, so what? It costs 500T to BC! Limit the extra CS to 50M or something. It's just an additional aspect to a game that is lacking any content.
  4. I like the clan bank idea better, just a giant vault where everyone pools as much gold into as they want to.

    But i like this idea as well, if it got implemented properly by the devs and not made too over complex I wouldn't have a problem with this, it'd be awesome :)

    Support :cool:
  5. Thread is awesome btw :)

    But i gotta ask is the comparison to the middle ages really the ideal selling point.

    So much corruption especially within the church where abbots and bishops exploited their positions of power to gain wealth and luxury. under the guise of being one of God's men and servants to him. They would charge people fee's just for them to confess their sins. pilgrimage's paid for luxurious accommodation for these self proclaimed Servants of God

    But then KaW is full of people looking for exploits so guess would be no different here lol
  6. You sound like one of them there heretics, Vix. REPENT.
  7. The Devs don't give a damn about your ideas or anyone else's.

  8. Gee you're a quick one!

    Maybe now, if you read your own post and mine again, you will understand now why its highly improbable that they will actually do this and why they won't support any bank system that will boost stats, transfer funds or rapid bc a player.

    And instead of crying about the size of the paying players, there is always the quit option. ;)

  9. And the vote from the East German judge on EBLord's attempt at trolling

  10. They already DO support such features! I already gave you a whole list of them.

    Yes this is a stat system. But it's nothing new. New lands come out every year. Why is this any different? How about instead of the next land increase (which will probably boost stats to 1B) they introduce a clan land system? Nowhere in the OP is it suggested that we tack on some cheap ass lands that gives everyone BC. This isn't even a fast way to BC!!! All it does is add some extra strength. Yes that'll mean you make more gold but it wouldn't be such an increase that everyone is suddenly BCing in a matter of weeks. It is also not a mean to transfer funds. I have no idea where you're getting that from. It is NOT a clan bank system. Gold gets taken out from eb earnings and put towards lands. Players can't take that gold for their own purpose. It is not a bank system.

    Nowhere once did I cry about paying players. I'm aware they grow faster. Don't try to put words in my mouth.

    Oh and one last suggestion, before you come hollering into forums I'd like to suggest you actually take the time to comprehend the idea because all the reasons you don't support this idea ALREADY EXISTS in multiple other aspects of the game. In fact, your reasons are not relevant to this idea because it is NOT a clan bank system.
  11. I think that devs should make multiple tiers for the different levels, maybe you would be able to unlock a tier when u unlock ebs, like if u beat TGL for the first time you unlock T3 for 250 bil to build it. I also like the idea of an eb tax, but you would need a reasonable owner. This would help small clans more than large ones because large clans doing ASOF and lotl are already dominating the event LB. this would help people doing AFF and TS to fill the 30 mil gap between them and ASOF. Full support
  13. It may work if devs decided to implement it.

  14. Support,there needs to be more features to keep clans together, especially in this era of b2b events, which mess up clan agendas.
  15. Anything new updates?
  16. How about instead of taking a percent of each players earnings have a set amount that is generated for certain epic battles so you don't loose money or gain it. It will all stay in the clan for possible future land additions.
  17. All I have to say is, awesome idea, and support