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  1. Hey people I'm currently writing a story, and I'm gonna try to post a little bit a day

    We only have so much time on this planet. What's the average life span of a human being? Seventy-five years. Our time is even more limited in the midst of the third world war.

    Many people were expecting his to occur. Russia has bombed Ukraine, using nukes. Nearly every country has been bombed, left in ruins. Skyscrapers in major cities crumbling to dust. Radiation is everywhere. Looting, raping, murder, is rampant.

    Every person on this planet is either born bad or good. It's just when things go down the tube that the switch is flipped, and the murders, the rapists, and the looters come out of us.

    But it needs to stop. We need to rebuild civilization And move on with our lives. Stop wallowing in doubt and do something about it.

    But hey... Guess that's what I'm here for

    More will come with the comments
    Tell me what you guys think
    Haven't come up with a title yet sorry
  2. Title: The Events To Start WW3
    Info: Many good people don't want war to start so these are the events and my thoughts on what to and not to do to prevent it.
    Title and Info Made By: Lil Devil
  3. Very unorganized, plot is less than adequate, presentation poor...

    You really need to come up with a game plan before you just start writing. I can't tell if the OP is telling the story or explaining a vague background.

    #LowEffortThread please try harder