A Moderator Appreciation Holiday?

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  1. Should our current moderators deserve a holiday and if so what day should be appropriate for a Mod Appreciation Day be? Keep it clean on topic and give feedback on this thank you happy Kawing :)
  2. Maybe a swift kick in the butocks for doing devs jobs but hey every great Empire had some form of SLAVES!!!

  3. It's a nice idea, maybe a build complete chest could work for us.
  5. mods don’t do anything more to the kaw community than any other player..
  6. Why should they get one? Since KaW came out mods have been corrupt and biased. Why reward this

    No support
  7. Absolutely not. They’re players. That’s it.
  8. Most definitely they should get more perks than they do. This group of mods are the best bunch so far than the one's of old:- more funny +more human friendly and easy going.
    Finding time to get on kaw and to just run a account and be active is stressful enough i have found. But having the added burden of being a moderator and coping also with a reallife job and family can push their stress levels up high trying to find time to be juggling it all.So i say they should be rewarded more than only speaker's. Maybe they should be given a set ammount of royal box key's to open their boxes for free for example. :)
  9. I'm pretty sure most ppl have realife jobs family's etc..so what makes it more stressful kawing to the rest of us..give it a rest I'm not buying it 
  10. Do try make me " give it a rest ". And i know exactly what im talking about.if you're on kaw 24/7 you obviously fake work.And i been around long enough to know and have experienced the negative effects of the dodgey mods hence being silenced/ forum banned and had threads locked.So i can speak from experience to say the mods active now are a class act and work hard to make kaw more fun so deserve a bonus for the overtime they put in to keep everything running smoothly and to keep the bullys under control.
  11. The point of being a moderator is a community servant they’ve already got the added bonus of practically unlimited speakers as well as a more direct path to the devs. No support.

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  12. There's only like 3 reasonable mods
  13. Benny is still on holiday.