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  1. Dear everyone who is reading this, I am creating this thread solely for the purpose of writing a letter in the forums to a random player who I did not know, JustMe123. in light of their most recent drastic turnaround in their life.

    Dear JustMe123,

    When I saw your post in the R u OK thread, I instantly felt as if my feelings just got pierced by a sharp blade. It's as if...something that I could not explain it by words. But I feel deeply sorry for your sudden loss.

    I want to share with you that my life had took a drastic turn in 5th January 2018, where I met a horrible breakup with someone who also plays Kingdoms At War, and also happens to be part of my extended family tree. I've known her well for 7 years. Before I met this event however, I feel as if I had never actually suffered before. The day that I was born to before this very date, I feel full of energy, fearless and authentic and living my very own life. I explored places, I learn new things everyday. In fact, I was in my peak level in my prime days in between the year 2015-2017 where I knew at that time I had my
    full authentic power of self in my hands. My physical and mental energy during those days can be imagined as someone who can run over 10 kilometres, or write a chapter of a book perfectly within a day. But now, those pieces of my life were broken after that event. Following that, I got depressed for 6 straight months and not using myself to do almost anything at all or learning anything new for 3 straight months, too.

    I, however cannot compare my adversity to what you had just recently experienced. That is because I had never actually suffered any accidents that would actually disable me. Getting hit by a break-up is already taxing enough, but the fact that you suddenly became a paraplegic, in my opinion is clearly more than one-hundred-fold worse in the sense that you are no longer able to move or feel your lower body or legs anymore. To imagine someone from their peak of life being turned so suddenly into someone with a wheelchair can quickly kill away their desire to live in multiple ways...I...I just cannot describe it any further. And with that I give you my sincere condolences.

    Nevertheless, in light of your recent incident, I am writing this thread to gently tell you that I am now here and ready to talk to you! I want to be your new friend! To fill the remaining days of your life alive with lasting happiness! I'm ready to give some of my new time, commitment and energy to be here for a new fellow kaw player whenever they need it! And you have also inspired me to use more of myself every single day while I possibly can!

    And I want to let you know now that you are
    not alone. Never alone in the social aspect of life. You can always talk to new players you never met before, moderators, Valiant Knights and even me myself!

    And finally, I'd like to close this message by writing out a quote which I feel greatly resonates with me:

    I can bear pain myself, but I cannot bear yours.


    I will kindly give the moderators the authority and power to lock this thread, after JustMe123 has responded to this thread to fulfill its purpose! :D
  2. At the request of OP as justme123 has responded to the thread I will lock. If either OP or justme123 want to comment further please send me a message.

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