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  2. That's not quite it, you forgot the other two thirds

    You want to make a big deal about this, keep going, show us the proof

    If it was just a simple google search you would have already found it, but you aren't finding it, you missed large sections of what he said, so keep searching

    Prove to everyone I did not just hear this from my friend yesterday 20 minutes before I made the thread
  3. Lol what what.you are really special.i took one part and proved you wrong and now you asking me to prove the rest.you are a joke.you never been wrong in your life have you?not wasting any more time,i proved enough little liar.and us?you and your other personalities?and now its about if he said this to you or not?it is about if he wrote/came up with that text.geeeeez get a grip of reality,start to feel sry for you
  4. You are the only one making claims

    All I said was "I have some words from a friend I'm going to share"

    I never claimed he invented the words or published anything, those are your presumptions, I'm just sharing what he said because I was inspired by it

    That just drives you crazy with rage lol

    Did you even read the original post? Because I think you missed the message,
  5. .sounds to me like you saying he came up with it.how else can you know what the author means?and crazy?rage?im just calling you out liar
  6. But hey keep on change your mind and what you said.
  7. You know, I think the intent of the thread is general positivity, regardless of the source. If you guys want to have an all-out drag, maybe do it on the walls/in-game?

    I feel like I'm getting bad marketing - reading the beginning encouragement and then progressing into harsh negativity after I'm 'hooked.'
  8. That's all on this guy, I have a dozen threads that no one can rebut because I'm showing the evidence, these trolls follow me everywhere

    That infuriates these people who can't believe I might actually be right about something

    He is lashing out because of his internal struggle processing such powerful and deep information

    I would rather not psychoanalyse his conscience and motives

    He only wants the thread locked at all costs so no one else can experience the same inspiration

    So I thank you for the input and have a great day
  9. Big words from someone that want to be important and saying his friend came up with those words.bravo bravo keep posting.thing is that i been in several clans with you and seen your cc posts that been really ugly and twisted view on life.and now you post beutiful insights on life and word of wisdom.maybe you should aim for a career as a politician cause you are such a hypocrite and liar that loves to twist and turn things around.just stand up and say"sry i was caught lying and was proven wrong,i will from now on be sticking to the truth and follow the wisdom words i posted in this thread and become a better human beeing".and no prof has to be shown about any cc,IM THE PROF
  10. Lmao franco why you so salty on a kids tap tap game dawg?
  11. He is upset because I taught him something about life

    Some people have learning problems and that's OK it just takes little more patience and understanding
  12. Lol stop living with the belife that you are some kind of life coach,you really live in a bubble of your own.all in life you learned is from the internet.i bet you never been more than 50 miles from where you live.still you think you are full of wisdom and understanding.please tell us what is it you are trying to teach us about life?just that comment make you such a small person.Napoleon complex probably.Teaching ppl about life lmao,funnist thing you said so far.keep the posts coming o great one lol.and btw if you taught me something,then how can i have learning problems?you are saying i get what you are saying but still i don't?and now its you that came up with those words in this post,not your friend?because if you didnt come up with those words,how can it be you that teaching us about life.so confusing
  13. In most of his threads/posts, he's trying to convey the hypocrisy of society & modern American gvnt/law/culture through humorous anecdotes. It's subtle yet humorous & informative & it steers people toward awareness/self education of other parallel issues. It doesn't always work, but If you're not getting it, then you're being (or are) obtuse.
  14. Impressive observation monkey-poo
  15. Thank you but tbh it's an EASY observation to make ....seems like most KAW has "learning problems"

  16. I can't read
  17. Yeah, it might be aggravated by the fact it's an app game off-topic forum and not exactly the height of cultural enlightenment

    But that don't bother me at all, there are quite a number of people who do have an interest in following my threads

    People just want to have fun and that's great

    Though I might at times be a "buzzkill" bringing up real discussions, I believe the information I find is important to understanding the real world

    We all know the school system is inadequate at preparing youngsters for reality and television is stuck on a 5th grade level

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