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  1. Yeah "if we touch something we leave fingerprints" it counts for the metaphysical sense as well, as the next sentence continues "when we touch people we leave our identity"

    "touch" in this sense has a double meaning, synonymous with impact, impression, alter, etc

    You say "if everyone is super then no one is"

    My friend has a little different outlook on things

    He is more of a full stop after "super" kind of guy
    So if everyone is super then everyone is super or has the potential to be whether or not they are aware of it
  2. This thread made me bring up the 10 pints of stella I drank last night......yet another poor attention seeking thread from this op who seems to put a thread up everytime something comes into her head
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  4. Yes we know,only you have the freedom to say what you want and if you dont like what anyone else says you silence or ban them.I GOT IT.ooh ooh i must say something about the topic or i get banned or removed.well it sucks
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  6. Shifter you critisize people and their work as if you have a backlog of quality threads.Funny you not wrote any since you been back on kaw. i doubt you can write anything as interesting as what X_X writes about .Judging by the stupidness that you write in worldchat everyday. if you are so pro then lets see your creativity and write some .
  7. Enlightenment isn't for everyone.
    To find it you have to search for it, and when you do find it, you have to accept it even though it's contrary to how you've lived your life.
    The core of this post is that nature has production, consumption, decay and renewal. Nature by itself will always find a perfect balance. We as an "intelligent species" should already know what it takes to be what nature intends.
    When he speaks of "fingerprints" it is metaphorical. It's the energies that one expels, either negative or positive, that can promote or degrade others as well as themselves.
  8. And your friend wrote this?and when did he write this(year)?.google can be helpfull sometimes.Even a mosquito doesn't get a pat on the back until he's well into his work." i came up with that?
  9. I think you understand what this is, everyone is enlightened who has the capacity it's a matter of recognizing it and embracing it

    "my friend" isn't from around here, he only just recently became a neighbor, you can read what is in op a dozen times and there are messages between the lines

    He is really something else, if you need meaning in life, it's there
  10. Your "friend" didnt write that,thats the problem.you cant copy things from unknown writers and claim you came up with it.so your friend is in deed something else(special).but one thing he isnt is author of the text you posted
  11. I made no claim that I came up with it, like I said it was a friend and I'm only sharing his words

    The burden is on you to prove your wild claims.
  12. did i say that you came up with it?where in that text do i say you came up with it?i said your FRIEND.
  13. And you say that your friend came up with those words.and a simple google says he didnt.and burden is on me?nah rather on you for trying to fill us with tons of crap and havings"special" friends.and what am i claiming?you make no sense.but guess you are so emberassed that i caught you so you saying anything to change focus.fact is your "friend" is a fraud.
  14. Simple Google says he didn't? Well let's see it... Where is the proof

    Show us your research
  15. Lol its a unknown writer so yes guess we all can claim we wrote that.i say i wrote it.prove me wrong i didnt
  16. You still not putting a link up

    Prove your claim, show us your research, show us the link to the same thing as unknown writer

    You aren't showing us a link because there is none

  17. Just google the text smarty pants,how hard can it be?or dont so you can keep beliving lol
  18. And i told you that i wrote it not your friend,prove me wrong
  19. If its that easy, why aren't you showing us

    You claim is just an easy Google search to prove my friend didn't say this

    Prove it

    If you can't prove it by showing a simple link to the unknown writer that you found then you are lying

    Your making wild claims that you can't prove, simply because your bias and hatred for me

    You are a liar