a maybe veteran in kaw

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  1. I’ve not played In a while I just feel I need to say my piece to some people
    I did play this game for a number of years and trolls you are not worthy so stay away
    Ajax I respected you as a good fighter but you was an asshole
    Queen vashti was a slut open to any man that wanted her
    Wabbs I wish things went different your a nice person
    I met some real nice people on this game and others ruined it
    Ash your still a ****
    Goodbye my friends
  2. There goes another good old player, RIP
  3. Damn. Not the old blind guy :/
  4. Lmao. Sad, but true. Vashti sure got passed around the KaW block. Not sure who her new KaW-squeeze is.

    Regardless, Magoo leaves every few months and comes back. So hope to see you again friend. :D

  5. this
  6. Awww goo
  7. You always put up a fight goodluck with everything, many blessings
  8. Sad to see you go, but I can't help to think it won't last long lol
  9. Didn't you post this last year bumped. I did remember you was a part of a farming clan.
  10. Magoo became lost after Ajax abandoned solace when resilience hired wealthy barcode mercs that stripped and farmed Ajax out of the game for a long while.
  11. Magoo surely has more official retirements than any player in kaw .....oh yeh and good luck for next months retirement aswell.....moron

  12. lol yeah hes old and washed out but hes also accomplished more with KAW then you ever will. You a basement dwelling war running eb fairy :)
  13. New statless who is sucking magoo’s dick? Magoo is that you hiding behind that alt..?
  14. My moms actually dead so unless you like bones (seems like you like things with bone) thenI’m not sure what your bragging about

  15. lol
  16. So he's blind.... I just thought he was a little special thh.. I don't judge though.
  17. Pffffft McPoo bye Felicia