A Key to History

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by LovelyDenial, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. We have so many unused items in our inventory. I have items from PVP events, past eb hunt events, the 7th year anniversary chest, and so much more. These items are useless. They take up space. Wouldn't it be nice if we could buy keys that would unlock something in exchange for these items?

    A Key to History, we would buy a Key (for about 5K gold), and then we would select an item to "unlock". This would give us a chance at gold, xtals, Crux chests, horn fragments, SOD, Compass, circle pieces, etc.

    A golden Key, 10 nobs, would give a chance at double drops, or something even more rare, or a higher chance at the rare drops.

    You would buy a Key and then an item page pops up (such as if you were using items on an eb), toy select an item and it "unlocks" the History.

    We would clear up room. It would offer ATA a chance to make money.

    Please note, this is 1 key for 1 item type. If you have 100 of event item X, only because you didn't collect more of event item Y, does not mean you can buy 100 keys. You can buy 1 key for this.

    Thoughts? Concerns? Supports? Questions?

    K thanks :)
  2. It's a nice idea, but doubt devs will do this because some people have past items others don't, and we're not really meant to have past items.
    But support nonetheless
  3. Well just because some do and some don't shouldn't matter. They would never add the new lands because even though some needed it, others didn't. Also, how do some people not have extra past things? Am I just one of the unlucky ones that didn't get their account cleaned of it?
  4. Pretty much, some events I keep items others I don't same on my alt and both accounts keep items from different events
  5. go back to showing indecent images
  6. It'd be nice to use that 7th anniversary chest
  7. Support!! or just let us sell the extra misc. items for no profit, i dont mind either! it'll help my ocd so much. devs please implement this!!
  8. Support, seems a waste of a little time having to scroll thru unused items.
  9. Support!
    Anything to get me rid of those useless extras. I want to let go of that psion!
  10. I must have missed the 7 year chest..what was it all about
  11. 7th anniversary. I happened to not be online for the like, 1-3 days it was available so now I'm stuck with it.
  12. Dang haha
  13. It gave a 77% plunder boost for 77 minutes. It is now useless since it ran out in like September. If I had a Key to History, maybe I could trade it for a small amount of gold, or a horn or something that isn't a useless box.
  14. So much garbage in my inventory. Any option to get rid of it would be welcome.
  15. So many good posts in forums with suggestions on how to make the game better, then you get some dumb **** like this. Makes you almost lose hope in forums.

    And stop bumping your own posts, you look desperate for attention.
  16. You think it's dumb to suggest a way to get rid of useless clutter? K

  17. I think it's dumb to ask that useless clutter becomes useful.
  18. Why? Don't get me wrong, I'd be happy if they just removed the crap. But what if they removed it in a fun way? This being a game and all; fun seems appropriate.
  19. I would happy to just delete everything. I don't even want anything for it.