A KaW tale, Part 3

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  1. part 2 can be found here: http://forum.kingdomsatwar.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=183851

    A KaW tale, Part 3

    The door opens, and Apheriun stumbles out of it, falling to the floor in a heap of blood and bones. Indescribable injuries mar his body, given to him by none other than Night, the lone mercenary who had come to the rescue during Apheriun's battle with the puny player, Lonesong.

    Usaris and Thorak are still at the table, playing their damned card game. Apheriun snorts, somehow managing to pull himself up, and stumbles over to a chair. Usaris looks up, glancing at Apherian with the bored expression of someone who has more pressing matters to attend to, such as his game of spades. He looks back to his cards, uninterested, then suddenly he remembers himself. He looks back up to Apheriun, eyes wide in shock. "Spragga's balls, Apheriun! What happened to you?" Thorak turns around in his chair, stifling a gasp.

    "Some fool came into the battle and destroyed me," Apheriun says, spitting out a tooth.
    "My gods Apheriun! I've never seen you beaten up this badly!" Thorak cries out, his huge rocky hands covering his mouth. Apheriun is silent. A deep rage burns inside of him. No one has ever defiled him in such a way before. He stands up, wincing in pain and drawing in breath. "This cannot stand. I will have my revenge."

    Light spills out into the empty dirt road as Lone stumbles out of the tavern door, smiling. Cheers can be heard from within. It's a busy night. It's been about a month since the whole Apheriun incident, and Lone is a lot more prepared. He has a decent set of armor, and a sword strapped to his back. Not to mention a couple of monster kills to his name. He brings up his phone, about to log out when a rustling is heard in the forest to his left. The ground shakes, and it sounds as though a freight train is hurtling straight toward him. Then a huge beast jumps into the open, skidding to a halt and rearing its legs in the air, stamping its hooves and snorting.

    "What in Hyendemara is that?" Lone says. Players run out of the tavern, drawing their swords from their scabbards.
    "It's Calydor, you fool," Night says from behind him, "Why is he out here?" Calydor charges, bringing his massive horns low, skewering players and sending others flying. Their bodies fade into the virtual plane. Lone reaches behind his back, drawing his sword from its scabbard. Rushing forward Lone slashes the beast's ankles, dodging back with a pirouette. The beast rears and falls to one side, two legs useless. Lone is a menace, rushing forward again, no longer his former noobish self. His training with his Night and his clanmates has taught him well. Lone hacks and slashes the exposed Calydor, dodging his feeble attempts at a counterattack.

    With a burst of rage Calydor rears up, knocking Lone off balance. He is about to trample him when Night slices the beast's neck, jumping down from atop of his hairy back. Calydor stumbles, then crashes to the ground, his body fading away.
    Night looks to the sky, realizing why Calydor has come.
    "Oh no. Not again."
  2. LMAO!! Bravo! This is a rather neat lil read haha, I like it
  3. thanks ily
  4. Why!? Why!? Why did he come again!?

    Good read 
  5. Because its REVENGE of the warbeasts?
  6. The door opens, and Apheriun stumbles out of it, completely wasted. Falling to the floor in a heap of bottles and shot glasses. Indescribable injuries mar his body

  7. I just skimmed through it but thorak shouldn't cry, he should moan.
  8. ill keep that in mind
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