A KaW tale, Part 2

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  1. part 1 can be found here: http://forum.kingdomsatwar.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=183821

    A KaW tale, Part 2

    Apheriun wiped tears from his eyes, his insides still bubbling with laughter that he couldn't contain. "You're ready, are you?" he said, as he went into another fit of hysterical laughter. The player frowned. He wasn't anticipating such a formidible opponent. This epic battle wasn't the same as The Forgotten Ones or Warbeasts.

    Apheriun brought up his sword, resting it on his shoulder. "Enough of this. It's time to get this over with." he said, as he started lurching towards the player. The player looked around for some means of cover, or somewhere he could run away to, but there was nothing. The virtual plane was empty and cold, except for the big red "Forfeit" button behind him. No, he thought to himself. He would not forfeit. He wasn't about to waste his seal. He'd try to get at least some gold out of this.

    Apheriun was now in range, and he took a swing at the player, testing him. It was a low swing, and the player dodged back. Apheriun anticipated this, and leapt forward, slamming his bony fist into the player's gut. The player skidded across the ground, wincing as he got up, but Apheriun was already upon him again, raising his sword to bring it down upon the player. The player rolled to his left, escaping the barely escaping the strike. He got up and dodged back, giving himself some distance. Just as Apheriun was about to strike again, a bright flash caught his attention in the corner of his vision. He turned to look, and bright pain immediately exploded against his face. He fell backwards, his new opponent looming over him.

    "Spragga's balls," the unknown knight said, "Is that all you came her with?" He gestured towards the player with his sword. The player looked down at himself.
    "Who the hell are you?" the player asked.
    "Yeah, who the hell are you?" Apheriun chimed in.
    "Gimme a second to kill this guy," the knight said.
    His sword flashed, and the clang of steel against steel was heard as Apheriun parried the strike. Apheriun leapt up, and the two began a duel that the player could barely follow. Hitting fast, and his aim precise, the knight could easily maneuver around Apheriun, dodging his attacks and inflicting his own. Apheriun kept to the same pattern of attacks, coming at the knight from different angles, each attempt squandered by a dodge or parry from the knight. Eventually, when Apheriun swung to hard and put himself off-balance, the knight swooped in and took advantage of the blunder. The knight spun a half pirouette, his sword cleaved one of Apheriuns arms off. Apheriun staggered back, clutching at the stump. The knight stepped forward, and thrust his sword clean through Apheriuns chest. Apheriun gasped, and let out a defiant "ARGHHHHH" as his body exploded into sparks, which dissappeared into the virtual plane.

    The knight sheathed his sword, and turned to look at the player, who was still seated on the ground, his jaw dropped. The knight walked over and extended an arm, helping him up.
    "Thanks for the seal, by the way."
    "Wh.. what.. who are you?"
    "Names Night," the knight said, which was a little ironic. He puffed his chest up and gave a wry smile. "Who are you?"
    "I'm Lonesong. Thanks for the help with that. I would've been crushed."
    "Oh, yeah, don't worry about it," Night said, looking back "Hey, why don't you come back with me to my clan. We can teach you a few things."
    "Gladly," Lone said, smiling.


    part 3 can be found here: http://forum.kingdomsatwar.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=184251
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