A KaW tale, Part 1

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  1. A KaW tale, Part 1

    Blub blub blub... Apheriun held down the lever to pour some water into the little paper cup they always use in these types of break rooms. The generic, low budget type. It would be nice to get some bigger ones. Apheriun is a big skeleton, and lately he's been worrying if he gets enough water or not.

    The break room was mostly quiet, except for the constant snarling of Calydor in the corner. He didn't interact much with the other guys, and mainly kept to himself. Apheriun pulled up a chair by the table where Usaris and Thorak were playing a game of spades.

    Apheriun eased himself into his chair. "How's it going boys? Long day eh," he said as he took a sip of water. He propped his sword up against the edge of the table.
    "Tell me about it," said Thorak, his giant rock arms rolling in their sockets, scattering small rocks across the table, "All these noob clans can't get enough of me for their event rotations."
    "Been a pretty easy going day for me," grunted Usaris, "Although I feel like i've got a blood rains coming up. Can't wait to clock in that overtime."
    "Nice, nice," said Apheriun. Then they lapsed into silence, the quiet only interrupted by the movement of cards.

    The creatures looked up to the door as they heard a slight knocking. The door opened, and a hairy ape head popped out from it.
    "Hey guys. Is Apheriun here?" The ape looked around, before placing his eyes on Apheriun. "Oh, there you are. Listen, theres another battle we need you for."
    "Oh come on," said Apheriun, "I just finished up with that giant clan of nerds who had bought like 300 seals."
    "Yeah yeah, I know. But we need you for this. It's the last one of the day, I promise."
    Apheriun sighed and glared at the ape as he got up from his chair. "I swear to god if the sealer forgets to hit items again I'm going to quit."

    Apheriun picked up his sword and slowly made his way over to the door marked "Haunting: The Escape", which also had a counter above it that read "2.04x10^5". There was also some slime on the floor from where Z'uthmerak had traveled to get down to his epic battles on the other side of the break room. Apheriun stepped over the slime and entered his door.

    Usually whenever Apheriun steps through the door he is greeted by a bunch of well equipped soldiers who immediately begin to fight him. However this time when he stepped through there was no one. Actually, there was someone. One. A single player standing there at the end of the virtual plane they were standing in.
    "Hi there." the player said.
    "Uh, hi." said Apheriun
    "This is haunting the escape right?" the player asked.
    "Yep, this is it." said Apheriun. He looked around. "Is it uh, just you?"
    "Yeah, I figured if I started this with just me I would be able to get more plunder out of it."
    "But you know you still have to beat me right?"
    "Oh. Right." The player cringed inwardly. Man, im an idiot, the player thought. Apheriun eyed the player. At the moment, he was standing there in a t-shirt and shorts, with a phone in his hand. "You, uh... do you have any armor? Weapons?" he asked.
    "Oh yeah!" The players head shot up, his eagerness suddenly restored. "Let me equip them."

    The player brought up his phone, thumbs moving around for a minute before he said, "Aha! here it is!" He tapped his thumb and magically his shorts transformed into a pair of hairy pants with hooves on the bottom. The player tapped his thumb again and a spiky helmet appeared on his head. He then looked at the giant skeleton demon king before him. "Okay, im ready." he said.

    In all his years of his job at ATA, Apheriun has never laughed so hard.


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  2. Where's Arkosa though
  3. More to come
  4. I actually read it and I think it wasn't bad and has potential
  5. thanks :)
  6. That's beautiful, please make more
  7. For that last sentence, would "had" fit better/be more appropriate versus "has"? Other than that, seems solid.
  8. Typo? (Entered through his door?)

    Good thread though.
  9. I don't think "through" is needed for understanding. You could maybe argue "his door" is slightly ambiguous on if it's Apherion's door or not, but I believe that's clear enough also.

    If he used "stepped" instead of "entered," then it would be a typo, for sure.
  10. i envisioned this as in supports /devs staff room and the monsters were the support/devs .it felt almost real and this is the real scenario behind the kaw scenes!A fun story to read and bax_ had joined forces with them !
  11. Whats is this about? Who do you think you are?
  12. Solidly written & a relateable read ~The Non-existent Times gives it 6.5/10 stars XD
  13. its the water machine making those sounds, but i see what you mean