A Hypothetical Scenario Discussion

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  1. Back when the moth event was going (for those old enough in game to remember) one lucky person that logged in during that event that had at least 1k collected, received a special piece from that event. Ok now here me out..

    Hypothetical Scenario: New Lands are Coming..

    One lucky person has been made LCBC all the way to said New Lands. But, not automatically. Youre given the lands unlocked of course with all the crestplates needed to be BC.

    Would you.. 🤔

    A. Tell everyone you are the lucky winner and build straight away?


    B. Not tell anyone anything and build slowly? 😎

    In order to keep the peace lol all of your buildings are locked in DM - FS & NL from being destroyed and making the gold off of them.
  2. Yes I would bc straight away farm NK for a few weeks then hire a bunch of allies drop build and war in low stats bracket as a god
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  3. 😂😂😂😂💀