A history of OSW

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  1. To be fair. The majority of black hand were just old school . Des was the heart and soul of that clan before all the leaches latched on
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  2. The original owner was Dis, one of og iGs, very cool guy, but he quit before anyone knew he quit lol

    Some time later Ripper provoked osw with res, which he later ran from to create Last rights (he ran so fast that he misspelled his new clan’ name lol) along with few others. Nick (sinmonkey) was one of those runners🐱They surrendered to res, ratted out some Bh banks and alts and proceeded to be mouthy eb fairies.

    That’s when Des and me became leaders and we all had great times getting paid to cf on random clans lol like German clan Die Nibelungen (Des was German and didn’t like competition lol), they were top 20 and much bigger than us but paid 10t to get cf, which was huge back then. DN never recovered. Des was a badass but people like Nick didn’t like how he demanded discipline. Little over a year later we both left Bh after we were outvoted on cf’ing in first alliance war. By that time neither ripper or sin played kaw any longer.

    I took a break and joined Fury when I returned. Some old BH came to Fury with me, the ones who didn’t ran from any osw
  3. It all went south when in the middle of a fight with resilience and it’s sidekick mdk nik and others didn’t just run, they sprinted over to last rights. Des, blazey, ambulance and few left over black hand were overwhelmed after that. That was really the end of black hand as a serious off system contender. They had experience, money, and drive but lacked the numbers moving forward.
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  6. It wasn’t easy when half the clan, the people we trusted, people who started the war left us to fight that war when they sprinted to ‘safety’. But we regrouped and eventually got on lb while fighting wars, something original Bh never achieved. I wouldn’t give those 🐱s the credit of killing off BH. I’d say credit goes to Inter and that’s a whole another story lol miss his crazy ass.

    At the end of the day I ended up in the best clan, with loyal friends who followed me from old BH to Fury (ding, salt, cg, rinus and others) and we had a blast for years after. Ripper, sin and the rest of runners quit shortly after their cowardly stunt, they are the ones who never recovered.

    Also, nick u were never Bh owner, u just held clan for a very short time when Dis quit and gifted u his accts. U ran them into the ground too lol Don’t flatter ur self. U surrendered, that says it all lol Maybe it’s best u change name and pretend to be someone else, like you used to do lol
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  7. Hi grave ☺️, it would be great and a interesting read If you could fill in the remaining years of Osw's that occured where you left off .
  8. Color Wars of 2011. You can still look up Blue Team to see The Who’s Who. See all of the best fighters that fought in that war. It was a “unofficial top 400 all-star war”. Players took a 2 week off from OSW to fight for fun.
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