A history of OSW

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  1. I'm here to put my Mark on these thread, Scroll along

  2. Nobody's heard of you. You're quite the whiner aren't you? Twice you had my DRAGON-CODE acct banned when stating facts about you. The hurt you must feel is real he? Haha
  3. Thank you all for bumping this, ill update based on your feedback and my own knowledge will update Later today
  4. Actually I’d say a lot of people have heard of him. Who are you?
  5. So you're clan recognizes him. Why dont you kiss his butt a lil more? Lol Dont do it too much. I hear it's a fetish of his 
  6. Never reported you for anything before, I rarely report forum posts because I come here for the banter. As for being quite the whiner... need I remind you that I replied to an insult aimed at me from you? You are the one coming at me for attention
  7. V is cooler :cool:
  8. I agree. Hes way cooler than I am. Hes just a forum troll at this point. Takes trash talk and doesn't hit anyone. wish I was that cool
  9. Don't know how I am meant to hit someone who isn't in my hit range. Someone who if they were in my hit range that would just cry that I am hitting a small account.
  10. Lmao. I've been trying to get you failures to hit me for months. But there's always an excuse. so keep trying buttercup
  11. Months? How many. I am interested
  12. Let the game die.
  13. We won everyone else lost WhoooHoooo
  14. You forget wog vs fast
  15. Humoring to see that not a single LSA war was listed, but what is to be expected from OP after being kicked out?

    Tsk, Tsk.
  16. They weren't very interesting quite frankly
  17. Here we are
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  18. The game ended months ago, this is just a never-ending dream as you are in a coma. . . Yes I'm talking to you ... Yes, ...you there.