A history of OSW

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  1. Haha jokes on you

  2. Kings killed IDD over 3 years ago
  3. Needs an update :lol:
  4. Ima revive some more stuff
  5. Also... it started November of 2013. Musang wrote the date he dug his own grave on his clanpage.
  6. 2019 Dragons Elite versus Parole Board . Dragons Elite c.f to Parole Board
  7. Never happened, try again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Quit your lies bobdole aka nixon . Everybody can ask Shidust/WildWilly
  9. If anyone cared about your lies they might
  10. 2018
    The Pines vs The Leagues and The Leagues Adepts
    The Pines win

    The Pines vs Fast and Furious
    The Pines win

    The Pines vs G.A.I.A
    Mutual cf due to G.A.I.A rl issues

    The Pines vs Ruthless_Mercs and Ruthless_Mauraders
    The Pines win

    The Pines vs Storm Chasers
    The Pines relocated to Pure Evil
    The Pines/Pure Evil win

    2019 Pure Evil vs Foxes and The Foxes Den
    TBD. Still ongoing

    Long Live Devastation
  11. lonesong vs epic battle
    outcome : lonesong win
  12. Adorable
  14. AWP vs KaW

    Man those were the days.
  15. This aged well
  16. We live in a time when in osw the opposition quit hitting back and somehow they think they won.
    I'm disappointed in our current osw. We are outsized and outnumbered. They dont hit back. Hell they think the amount of money they get is what they take. Even osw suck now.
  17. Umm where is the og wars?
  18. You aged well
  19. You didnt :)
  20. I aged better than pure evil