A history of OSW

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    Mercs only really fought one OSW and we were attributed with breaking the worms blackhand alliance. Yes a CF was given after approx four months. We disbanded at least one clan and only suffered one major strip. A defining moment we found out how hard we can be.
  3. jjjjoey in WoG can give some very good OSW history lessons. Look him up.

    Anyone forgetting Regs vs Foxes?

    Lots of small OSW as well.

    PS - where's Roni? She knows all 

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  5. RONI
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  7. "Agaiist all hope"

    Really :|

    The AAH alliance, versus the the Yafi Judgment alliance also went on for well over a year.

    The year before that also AAH VS. BPL, AAH won
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  10. I maybe wrong but the Yafi vs aah war had the first lb strip, was around 10T if my memory serves me correctly, can't remember the players name tho...
  11. One of the BPL 8.1T LB (Naked) held the record for the longest
    Cambji at 7.7T LB (Naked) ((*edit) may have been 8.7T)
    Leo at 7.2 (Naked)

    2014 Rapid Fire was also stripped 92T, which held first place for only two weeks until WDGAF took it with a 400T strip.

    I was there through all of these, and countless more. With countless before me
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  13. Shout out to AWP killing a whole alliance tho 
  14. Wasn't us :p
  15. It would be nice if you could at least get AAH correct , but why should I be surprised that it's butchered as the spy syndicate was never given it's proper due .
  16. AAH had many a good wars.

    I remember getting stripped by SOLACE while I was on holiday lol....Bragging got the better of me there as I said I was untouchable :eek:
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