A history of OSW

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    War game, only as strong as your weakest link, I don't ride nobody's coat tails.
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  9. Re: 2015

    You have a typo, it's warriors *of the ancient realms lol
  10. To be honest, the idea of the thread is great, but the presentation could be improved (spacing, punctuation , grammar, codes, etc)
  11. 2011 is missing one of the most important wars in Kaw history. iG vs Voodoo. This was the last time iG was a real powerhouse threat in a war. The war ended in mutual CF I do believe but iG was left crippled by Voodoo who managed to flip all their builds to spies.

    iG never fully recovered from that war.
  12. What about the famous merc war?
    Merc Legion vs RPL and allies

    People didn't pay much attention to this osw bc it was between eb clans but it was actually pretty large. Many clans and people involved and back then both these families had a lot of BC accounts and power.

    Merc Legion was made up of 5 large active clans and RPL was made up of a few clans plus RPL was part of an alliance called united mercs or something? Dont quote me on that alliance name i cant remember.
    But united mercs was made up of several merc crews
  13. Warriors of the ancient realms...... Didn't someone else talk about the equivalent of the "bedroom starfish" position
  14. United Mercs: BloodMercs, RPL, Mercs inc, and a couple more I don't remember at this time.

    Outcome: Mutual CF I think
  15. I negotiated this CF. Mercs Legion won the war. RPL had to stop messing with ML's business basically. Was a silly war really. RPL didnt want to stop but they were pretty beaten down and thats when La, leader of ML, decided to let them off with an easy CF instead of remaining in a pointless osw that was causing more drama than it was worth.
  16. I dont support becausevin osw farming happens
  17. Neither side won if they went from having to bc accounts and multiple clans to their current condition. OSWs are wars of attrition, you don't win, the other side just loses more.
  18. Merc legion had an internal war way after the osw and several clans split off and many left. The osw didnt do it.

    RPL im not sure you what caused their decline
  19. Dragonborn, if you believe that, you are doing it wrong.

    Also lethal's last comment is accurate in terms of what happened to ML.