A history of OSW

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  1. Hey guys I apologize in advance for the long construction time but I want to make a thread documenting all previous osw's, to keep a history for future noobs everywhere.

    I need people who are currently in osw to pm me your clans and their clans (you'll remain anonymous)

    And people who will help fill me in on wars before 2012 (and most after)

    Thank you for your support.


    Green= start date (if end date is in different year)

    Red= end date (if start date in different year)

    Blue= still going (start date still green unless start date is the current year)

    gray= a disagreement between each side on what happened

    Family: group of clans under same name

    Alliance: group of families under same name

    ?= unsure if true, please pm me if you can confirm.

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  2. 2009

    Ig vs. Foxes October2009-____2009 (not really an osw but historical nonetheless)
  3. 2010

    New age legends , KOTK, CR, VooDoo, Zaft, LOH vs iG/WiG, Hollow, AOA, FSU and The outlawz
    Outcome: Ig/WiG, Hollow, AOA, FSU and The outlawz won

    UWF VS. Zaft

    Kings of War vs. LoA + LoD
  4. 2011

    You Ask For It vs Osiris 2011,
    Outcome: mutual (some people say you ask for it won)

    You Ask For It/ Judgement vs. Zodiac Alliance Freedom Treaty

    Black Hand vs. Regulators
    Outcome: mutual CF

    MNB vs. WAR
    Outcome: became New Age vs. WAR

    New Age vs. WAR
    Outcome: mutual CF
  5. 2012

    You Ask For It vs. Osiris / Agaistt All Hope
    Outcome: You Ask For It won

    New Age, Pure Evil and United noor empire vs IG, may 2012
    Outcome: no true winner.

    Black hand vs. Resilience
    Outcome: Mutual CF placed through other clans mediating

    You ask for it Vs. Zaft faith and Zaft destiny

    Ig vs. murphs
  6. 2013

    We do really good farming vs. og. outcome: wdgaf victory

    Zodiac alliance freedom treaty + faith vs. apocalyspe
    Thread from this war (I think) viewtopic.php?f=11&t=126591

    Fury vs. IG
    Outcome: Fury victory

    New age vs. protake
    Outcome: mutual CF
  7. 2014

    Zodiac alliance freedom treaty/wdgaf vs. Apocalypse/clan A/umbrella Corp

    New age + Knights in pyjamas vs. Los (2014) outcome: you ask for it arranged a CF to allow Los to merge into them. (hits started again 3 days later)

    New age+ Knights in pyjamas vs. you ask for it (2014) (not over just war expanded to include idd vs. kings war)

    Immortal death dealers vs. kings (2014) (look above)

    New age+Immortal death dealers vs. you ask for it +kings +zodiac alliance freedom treaty(zodiac alliance freedom treaty left, when apocolyspe vs. zodiac alliance freedom treaty war began)(2014-present)

    Fury vs. monster garage
    Outcome: Fury victory
  8. 2015

    Aow vs. black hand
    Outcome: mutual CF

    Apocalypse(alliance) vs. Zaft(family)and Fury: Jan__ - present

    Invictus vs. wdgaf Jan 2015- ___ 2015 outcome: mutual CF?

    Lord of the rings, Warriors of the ancient realms, Resilience(All families) vs. The Immortals(familyish) (recently split from wdgaf)

    Anonymous war project vs. clan A(alliance), insok army, Los, Riders of the Apocalypse, +few other noname clans February2015-june 2015 outcome: insok army disbanded, Riders of the Apocalypse left with 5 members, mutual CF with Clan A. Awp reduced to 20ish members

    --Commanders of fate-- vs. Fury October 2015- present

    Black hand /Tangra vs. Crackdown /because we can(2015) outcome: mutual CF

    Devious playground+ the strippers club vs. annihilation
    Outcome: officially a mutual CF

    United noor empire vs. I.s.s December 2015- present

    Fury vs. monster garage
    Outcome: Fury victory
  9. 2016

    Invictus VS. The Immortals__2015- present + Apocalypse Jan 2016-present

    Kinghts of the fire emblem vs. last rights (+crazy frog mutual CF in place) Jan 10 2016- present

    --Commanders of fate-- vs. fury October 2015 - present
    Outcome: Commanders of fate merged with chaos reborn bringing Commanders of fate into the apoc+clan A vs. zaft +fury osw

    Ig vs. slient resurgence Jan 2016
    Outcome: mutual CF

    Ig. Vs. the immortals(family) Jan2016 -present

    Apoc +clan A+ Silver vs. zaft +fury Jan 2015-present

    New age +Immortal death dealers+ Knights in pyjamas + Warriors in pyjamas +die nibelungen vs. you ask for it + kings + secret service (2014-pressent) (the people involved currently has changed tremendously from the start)

    sons of Sparta+ I.s.s vs. We Are Rogue + devil kingdoms of destruction+ Osiris+ United noor empire outcome: sons of sparta and I.S.S mutual CF with devil kingdoms of destruction, Osiris and we are rogue.

    sons of Sparta + I.s.s vs. United noor empire

    Anonymous war project vs. Aztec and silent resurgence (Jan 30th-March 16th)outcome: Aztec/sr victory

    Yafi vs. Kotfe

    Fury vs. the north
    Outcome:Fury victory

    Apex of Evil vs. Slient Resurgence, Aztec and Chaotic Pride
    Outcome: Apex disbanded, members CFed
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  10. This game ain't lasting until 2019
  11. I'll need to double check the dates. But around 2011-2012 was AG vs BH. LoA vs BH lotr vs BH.
  12. I see your 2050 and I raise you a 2100
  13. Noob. Just ask all the morons in forums who are still so delusional they think KaW isn't dying and never, ever will.
  14. Dio v. Plastic Fork 2016