a haiku

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  1. Millions of my spies,
    Yet defeated easily...
    Stupid villager.
  2. That damn Joe, so dumb.
    Wandering through the village,
    Somehow catching scouts.
  3. Your so stupid it’s unbelievable
  4. That escalated quickly
  5. You're*
  6. ur*
  7. Eurgh*
  8. Yeur*
  9. Yoor
  10. Y’all..
  11. I’m hungry.
  12. You’re hungry
  13. Great idea for thread
    Trolls try to derail with grammer
    Trading left room furniture
  14. Heres mine

    My villager is
    Invincible and machines
    Dont ever hit me.
  15. Five syllables here.
    Seven more syllables here.
    Are you happy now?

    In the end, these all suck. So let’s not attempt Japanese poetry.
  16. Its grammar, actually.
  17. It’s*