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  1. A guide on clicking buttons

    Hey guys it’s me, it’s your boy, Lonesong. Today, i’m gonna share a little bit about how me, a lowly peasant, came to become a great owner of a kingdom and this game we all share and love, Kingdoms at War.

    You’re gonna see all these guides on forums, about building things and getting items and all that, right? And it’s all gonna be about math. Wanna know what I think of that?

    That’s right. That’s a big no no.

    What’s the most important thing in all of Kingdoms at War?


    Seriously guys, it’s that simple! You use your thumb for everything in this game, so just focus on that, and you’re good to go!

    Here are some helpful tips and tricks I reccommend for getting that thumb to top tier condition.

    1. Buttering toast

    Guys, buttering bread is seriously the greatest thumb workout!! Think about it, you get to tone those nice thumb muscles, and you get some delicious buttered bread at the end!

    2. Thumb wars

    Look at those thumbs go! Guys, grab a friend, and start thumbing out! Thumb wars are a great way to build endurance, which will ensure you can keep that target pinned throughout those long, sleepless nights where you wish you werent playing Kingdoms at War!

    3. Practice, practice, practice!
    Guys, the best way to get good at anything, is to practice. Im not saying that your thumbs are ever gonna be as good as mine, but you can come pretty close! When you’re hitting those epic battles, make sure to remember the skills you used so that you can apply them to your other KaW activities! It will really help you out.

    Thanks so much guys! Lonesong out!!
  2. I dont get it
  3. Where can I find these ‘thumbs’?
  4. 
  5. hey guys, its me, its ya boy asmongold
  6. Thumb in the ass builds strength also. I find abseiling is best but your significant other is a good back up plan
  7. Abseiling? Does motion in head...Haha might have to try that 
  8. thank you
  9. I read this in a Borat voice. And will now picture you as Borat.
  10. Oh my! Thank you Lonesong for these awesome two left thumbs!! They’re lovely! :p