A Guide To Utilising Your Banks / Money Effectively

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  1. A Guide To Utilising Your Banks / Money Effectively

    Now this will be one of the most contraversial threads I will be making due to the strategy involved.

    Banks are one of the most important elements of a clan, clan strength on the LB doesn't determine a true clans potential. The money it has hidden away in banks is a true idication of the clans strength.

    A key example is LSA Elite. They are a bunch of average stat spies with pockets deeper than Bill Gates. Their clan is not strong stat wise compared to LB clans, however they are closely knit and can easily strip without reprecausions.

    Key Words:

    Allies – Money Kept In Tradable Allies.
    Liquid – Money Kept Out.
    Pots – Money Kept In Potions (Usually Bronze Bars).
    BFA – Bonus From Allies.
    Volleying – Hiring an ally between two or more people to a desired or undesired price.
    Non Affiliated – Nothing to do with another person.

    Banks are guild hansels which have the money in the following places:
    - Allies,
    - Liquid,
    - Pots.

    Banks are designed to store money so when the time comes they can use for buying other peoples allies (during a strip). However this brings a few problems;
    - People note down their allies and will watch who buys what,
    - Uh Oh they have found your banks!
    In this Guide, you will also learn how to minimize the risk of being caught and keeping your banks secret.

    Building Banks

    Epic Battles

    Now everyone knows how to build banks... HAUNTING HAUNTING HAUNTING... with the right equipment or BFA this is a sure thing.

    However to smaller and newer banks Ambush is the prefered choice.


    Volleying can be a key method to upgrade banks too! If you have the numbers and time.
    One clan, which I will not disclose their name, uses a very good method for building banks which will be explained briefly:

    For ease of use we will name each person:
    The main owners account of the bank: Account A
    The bank account: Account B (lol, not me)
    Clan members account: Accounts C

    Step 1:

    Accounts C volleys with Account A
    Volleying an ally from 1 Mil to 10Bil
    Accounts C Keeps Ally
    Keep note of allies name and buy date.

    Step 2:

    Account C volleys with Account B
    Volleying an ally from 1 Mil to 15 Bil
    Account C keeps Ally
    Keep note of allies name and buy date.

    (This will be done multiple times depending on how many times Step 1 occurs.)

    Step 3:

    Steps one and two can now be repeated over and over transfering money.

    Step 4:

    After 15 days, allies will reach 60% drop payback.

    Drop ally if desired.

    Key Things To Remember
    Accounts C and A keep watch of your ally list – People will notice you volleying and may piece two and two together.
    Account A and B keep watch on your ally list – If people are watching your allies you do NOT want them to easily track your ally trading.

    It is useful to buy 30+ 1 Mil allies and pick one that is not on your ally list.

    Buying Allies And Keeping That Little Money Maker Hidden

    Now I have to explain my own method I and friends use to hide big banks, this is effective and is useful in the long run.

    What you need:

    - A TRUSTED member / bank owner.
    - One or more small sized banks (between 500B and 2T)
    - One large bank (Over 2T)

    Trusted Member's Ally Recommendations

    - Must have 50+ Allies
    - Must have a RANGE of ally values
    - Try keep allies active

    Small Bank's Recommendations

    Must have active growing allies.
    Must have over 500B in tradable allies.
    Must be hidden.

    Large Bank's Recommendations

    Must have 500B liquid at all times.
    Must have tradable allies (recommended 1.5T in allies) to keep money flowing.
    Must be hidden.

    Please Note: Trusted member must be prepared to buy others allies.


    Please Note: Buy allies which are NOT on the banks profile. Keep ally buying hidden. In war enemies will screenshot allies and keep tracks on you! So you NEED to be careful when doing this.

    *Newly added* "Ally Buying Chain"

    This method buys allies from the target up towards the large bank(s).

    Step 1:

    Locate NON AFFILIATED strip target's allies.
    Inactive allies are the safest bet however not good for getting rid of later.

    Remember: To keep note of the allies. Note down - Name, price, original owner, original owners price, buy date.

    Step 2:

    Trusted member has either;
    - Liquid money to spare for the strip,
    - Money in pots for the strip.

    If the trusted member doesn't have these he must have plenty of allies which can be bought via a smaller bank - See Step 2.5 if this is the case.

    Trusted member strips targets allies via liquid money or pot sale.

    Please Note: As much as your tempted - don't sell defence pots - you NEED them.

    Step 2.5:

    A smaller bank buys allies of the trusted member keeping in mind to stay off his profile page allies.

    Trusted member strips targets allies via the new liquid money.

    Step 3:

    Please Note: This step may be done at any time - Just be sure the allies are safe.

    Small bank buys trusted members allies to create more liquid money. This can be either put into another strip, repotting, allies or money out.

    Remember: You just stripped someone, they are gonna come for you.

    Step 4:

    Repeat Step 2/2.5 and 3.

    Step 5:

    Now this is where you need to be careful. You need to transfer allies up the chain towards your largest bank.

    Refer to the strip allies you have bought (Step 1 - Remember) and sell allies to another bank which haven't been bought via a recent strip (recent strip being less than 4 months).

    Step 6:

    Repeat this through the chain of banks.

    ”Reverse Ally Buying Chain”

    This method buys allies from the large bank(s) down towards the target.

    Step 1:

    Locate NON AFFILIATED strip target's allies.
    Inactive allies are the safest bet however not good for getting rid of later.

    Step 2:

    Large Bank buys allies from smaller banks.

    Large Bank keeps trying to sell allies and keep liquid up.

    Step 3:

    Small Bank buys different ally from other smaller bank to brake the chain.

    Step 4:

    Step 3 is repeated down the chain of banks until final bank is reached (this bank should have the smallest in allies incase you are caught in the following few steps.

    It is also useful to have this final bank to be a player (for example an EB attack build)

    Step 5:

    Small Bank buys an NON AFFILIATED ally from the Trusted Member.

    Step 6:

    Trusted Member buys ally NON AFFILIATED ally from Target.

    Things You Need To Remember

    Clans usually buy and ally from target first than transfer to a bank. If tracked this is an easy way of being caught. This method is the reverse of the standard system and works effectively.

    Scout bomb the HIRED ALLIES 50 successful times (no fails. fail = start again) to avoid any "Hired" links.

    ---Per Request---

    One Bank - 1v1s

    Well this is not my forte as I, personally, have worked with multiple banks at a time. However I can give a little advice and support for this.

    The same rules apply as per the other method.

    Having a single bank is fairly easy to track so you MUST be careful or try use the public to your advantage.

    [size 150]Using The Public To Your Advantage[/size]

    - Join a clan and getting them to take your stripped allies right after the strip.
    - Get your allies bought from WC.
    - Get your allies bought from your owner.

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