A Guide To HIDE and FIND Alts

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    Well there are a few little tricks YOU can use to not be found by those sneeky little spies around KAW. They are EVERYWHERE, expect them in your clan and expect them as your friend.

    From my experience players are commonly unaware they are being watched, which makes the job SO SO EASY. It's unbelievable how easy it is to find players accounts. Players normally think “Oh that guy who I hit 2 weeks ago hasnt hit back he must be scared and have left me alone” …

    WRONG, you are in a false sence of security. Expect the unexpected and be prepared constantly!

    Now I bet your wondering how to hide your accounts...

    What People Look For When Tracking

    When tracking, players will look at the difference in:
    At time intervals, while also using their own “Alts” to screenshot CC's and third party conversations.

    -Dante-, a very GOOD account tracker, shows an example of how he tracks accounts for strips in his thread Basic Strip Guide.

    How Do You Track

    Take a look if their account has the connected achievement. Most will - meaning they are on a device - and some may not - meaning they havent connected their device to a PC. PC accounts may be less active at peek times (i.e. Work, School, Night, Midday etc). From expereince most accounts without the connected achievement are active 5pm - 11pm onwards (their timezone).

    Please Note: This is my personal method on tracking. It hasn't failed me yet!

    You must have a little knowledge of people you are tracking, either:
    - Stat Range
    - Clan Affiliations
    - Player Affiliations
    - Price Range

    Now the key is to split the job into 'Levels'. These 'Levels' will be explained.

    Level 1: Overview of Players

    Grab a group of 100+ players using the above tracking critira (or a bunch of random players you suspect or find) and put them in a spreadsheet.
    The next day, we will call this day - Day 2, pick a time (any time you are free everyday is best) and note down their Wins, Losses and Quests
    The following day, we will call this day - Day 3, note down their Wins, Losses and Quests again.

    Please Note: If you are good with spreadsheets organise your data well and this next part will be a two second job.
    Please Note: We will now call Wins, Losses and Quests - > Activity Checks.

    Take the Day 3 values away from the Day 2 values leaving their daily activity.
    List this data in accending order and you will find players with the SAME or very similar values. Take into account some builds give +2 attacks and may effect your results

    Now you have players who have similar activity and COULD be the same person, mwahahaha. Your evil plan is taking shape ;)

    Level 2: Detailing

    Now is the time to get down to detail.

    Now you need chose ALL the players who you find are similar and put them into a spreadsheet again.
    You will now record their 'Activity Checks' every two hours thus giving you a closer indication of their activity. (You may need a friend to help you if you like to sleep.... Sleeps overrated baha)
    One again organising this data well will help you find how active they are per 2 hours.
    Take a look at the values you get per two hours and look for some form of consistancy.

    Level 3: Spying and Double Checking

    If you find any constistancy now you have possible alt accounts, HOWEVER you are not 100%.
    Having your own hidden “alt” will work to your advantage here. Go their and follow ;)
    Asking help from friends for screensreenshots and looking at specific details (Details shown below in the 'How To 'Trick' Those Sneeky Spies From Finding You' section) will help to detirmine your conclusion.
    Another 'Activity Check' every 2 hours will be useful here.

    Level 4: Check Again, Gotta Be Sure.

    'Activity Check' in lower intervals, either:
    1. Every hour,
    2. Every 30 minutes,
    3. Every 15 minutes.

    Level 5: Cheeky Messages ;)

    This is the part which is totally optional – however it confirms any findings you have via reactions (Always good to have a 'man' in their clan too to see if they post anything in third party rooms or in Pms).

    On your known main:
    PM them saying “Hey {Insert name you suspect}, How are you?”
    Guilty conciences has proven, in my personal findings, to have the following outcomes:
    1. S/he ignores you,
    2. S/he blocks you,
    3. S/he acts very defensive,
    4. S/he asks who you are and tries to find information on you.
    Non-Guilty conciences has proven, in my personal findings, to have the following outcomes:
    1. S/he answers the “how are you” then questions your statement,
    2. S/he has a laugh and joke.

    Level 6: Links!

    DON'T forget to Block OR Follow and Block so they can't name change and escape.

    Bring your alts away and avoid contact. You have all the information you need – Leave it as that and escape.

    REMEMBER: This isn't bulletproof, players MAY HIT SIMILAR. Be sure to be 100% and take your time. Repeating Level 4 multiple times on different days will help support your conclusion.

    How To 'Trick' Those Sneeky Spies From Finding You

    Now I know this sounds rediculous... But create and alterego. A player that is you, but has people thinking “no way, can't be”. Some things you can do below:

    Avoid barcode names. Barcodes mean obvious alts or farmers.
    'Gender names' (i.e. Prince, Princess, Sir, Lady etc) all give away a bit of information trackers can use.

    Key Unloading Alterations
    Unload at different hours. Unload on one account +/- X hours to avoid same timezone tracking.
    Unload at different times during the hour (on cross over times) to avoid the “Same person unloading at once” theory.
    Avoid unloading a full bar at once to avoid people thinking you are an “alt” to unload and log off for the next hour.

    Key Chatting Alterations
    Spelling is key. American players spell words like “color”, “americanized” etc while English players spell the same word as “colour”, “americanised”.
    Try pretend a language isn't your native language. Incorrect grammar and spellings is an easy way to avoid being a suspect by trackers.
    In relation to the 'Gender names' acting the part in writing supports would support your case and avoid being a suspect.

    Key “DON'T”s
    I hate to have this one, because its common sense, however this is the EASIEST way of finding “alts”.
    DON'T volley with your unknown accounts.
    DON'T wall your other accounts.
    DON'T be in the same clan as your other accounts.
    DON'T trade allies with your unknown accounts.

    And The Funniest Thing
    People NEVER look right under their own noses.

    The safest place is usually right by their side.

    Ok, Just counted my 30th player asking me to "Find someones accounts". No, I will NOT look for other players accounts. Get your laptop and test this method yourself. But your welcome to follow me and tell me if your results were sucessful. Thanks :)
  2. ATA have emailed and said "we usually try to stay out of the strategy-type discussion, as we want our players to explore their own options." However "We usually let our community decides if a post should be sticky'd. If there's enough positive feedback on the guide after a month, you can email us back and we'll consider it then."

    If you want this thread stickied for your and your clans use then show support.

    Much appreciated, hope you enjoy my threads.
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