A Guide to Character Biographies

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  1. Make a bio on me somebody
  2. Idk what everybody else posted, and honestly, idc. I liked it. It was well put together, and useful advice for enterprising writers.
  3. Awesome thread.
  4. Lol I never do crap like this but I read it why...who knows lol
  5. Thank you, brings back good memories.
  6. I really hope I made my character right ^^;
  7. The heck is this? How'd it get a sticky?
  8. It's the new meta KaW thing :lol:
  9. I read the first character biography.

    #OP is from PIMD
    #Op likes RP
  10. I feel like this post has no use at all
  11. I have up for reading half of it lol
  12. I almost got a rise from the first character bio.

    Almost. Haha.
  13. Please for the love of god stop obsessively necrobumping threads every freaking moment.
  14. Just want to say that you can use an axe with just about any armour. Unless your talking about ******** fantasy axes that are blocks of steel/iron.