A Guide to Character Biographies

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  4. THIS is how you make a bio.

    Name: Aster Eclipse Castella
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Aster has long silky dark red hair down to about her waist, with golden eyes that shimmer like stardust. Her eyes are framed by long lashes, and they complement her smooth fair skin. She has luscious full lips and a very recognizable face. She's about 6'0 tall, slender, agile, and beautiful. Usually she wears little or no makeup, upon her belief that natural beauty should shine through.
    Personality: Aster is very intelligent and clever, which is what leads to her being so witty, suave, and charming. People usually find her very persuasive and believable. She's an incredible liar and usually can tell when others are lying as well. She's a natural leader and you can always count on her to lighten the mood by saying something funny. Her bravery and loyalty are unmatched, and her creativity makes her fun to be around. She's a great listener(and talker), and gives out great advice.
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  8. I have a bio I would like to share
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  11. Very helpful, thank you! I LOVE writing stories, and lately I've wanted to make a magic kinda story. like with wizard powers and stuff.
  12. OMG thank u some much for writing this. I know it must've taken a lot of time. I'm trying so hard to make characters and find their personality and stuff and it never worked till I started making stuff like this. It wasn't perfect but thx to u it will b. thanks so much
  13. That was awesome! I'm always asking people to make bios for me so I can use them in stories lol now I have a place to tell them how to write them! Thanks :)
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  15. I think this was a very well written advice page. It will most definitely help me in my book! And to all the people who complain that it's long, why don't you guys try writing a book! It's hard!