A Guide to Character Biographies

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  1. And by clichè I meant everyone else is going to be using them, so why should you?

  3. I sent an email ;)
  4. Feather i get that your think this is funy but y fear Shakespeare tehe ymade one of the best playes of all time , Romeo and Juliet
  5. This is not only cliche it's totally awesome , I refer this to noobs who can't make characters right on their first try
  6. Naw dip. That's why I got it stickied.
  7. But will they notice it
  8. Duh. It is stickied. To get to the stories and signups and rps ( :roll: ) and stuff you gotta pass by them.
  9. Ya but some just ignore the stickies stuff and get to the stories so they can mess them up
  10. Bump. Lol no real point to since it's stickied but...
  11. Bit of a hypocrite Feather.
  12. I took time to read this. :0 it helps with my story. In my POV. So don't criticize -_- I've had a lot if that lately from a certain someone.
  13. Aren't dragon eggs banned Beatle?

    I just noticed o_O