A Guide to Avoiding Scammers

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  1. First of all what is a Scammer?

    When I talk about a scammer I'm talking about a player on Kaw who blatantly does a transaction with you or someone you know without following through on their end.
    A scammer can be someone who is selling something for a set price and decides to trade less than what is decided.

    This can include; pets, furnishing pieces, furnishing sets, top 10 pets, rare equipment charms, charms, ally hires, circles, seals etc.

    Sometimes people do have multiple trades up at a time 3 max trades at one time is allowed, because of this it can get confusing when your pms are blowing up with people messaging you with different trades and mcs/bcs all at once.

    It is understandable that mishaps happen, but the correction to the missing mcs should be almost immediate.

    *do not mistake this for a scam because a lot of people do have an accidental miss click on trades, when trading between a lot of players on the game, it does get tough at times keeping track of the pricing to the pms.*

    To never being corrected for the missed mcs which is then resulted in an actual scam.

    Signs of a Scammer?

    A scammer will post a normal or slightly cheaper price to get a buyer to commit to the trade, they will then discuss the exchange between: charms, reward charms, furnishings and or pets.

    After the trade is decided between the two people the scammer will accept the trade and then disappear without paying their side of the deal.

    Ask others before you Trade

    A scammer will have had other experiences before you, so ask around before you trade with people. People like to talk to each other, so somewhere on KaW there have been other incidences with the same scammer.

    Kaw is a social app, there are a lot of different traders, clans and alliances, and people that you should know who will have had trades with trusted traders.

    Please do not Lie about Players Scamming

    People might joke and have fun, but when it comes down to lying or joking about scammers on Kaw please do not throw names around just because you want to. It does affect peoples judgements of that player, it ruins connections for that player who truly may not be a scammer. This does impact peoples perspectives on each other especially on a game where we do not talk face to face. Taking each others words on things especially scamming should be taken seriously.

    Trading should come with a warning, anyone you trade with is an unknown entity, unless you've traded with them before. Please be considerate of your fellow kawers.

    Trusted Traders that I have Traded With & Know

    • AnnaBelle
    *please let me know if you would like me to remove you*
  2. This is true be fair to traders it takes lots work ,also take care of your traders
  3. Luckily I haven’t come across a scammer, but this is good information!
  4. Nice thread Vampy  As toxic as kaw can be, we all hate getting scammed and the community generally does a good job of all hating scammers together
  5. Warjax a scammer. He stole my cat
  6. Great thread Vampy
  7. Yay! My name is there in trusted traders
  8. Great thread!support
  9. There is a magic button called Block , sometimes it works.... btw Ads is a scammer he took my unicorn horn and didn’t give me cheese but a sock ...
  10. How to avoid scammers. Don’t be gullible and think anything is actually trying to do you a favour
  11. Hey I gibe u free chests I iz trusty
  12. So true. I gave away all my stuff in a trade for a dolphin pet. How could I have known Dolphins STILL dont exist?
  13. Another issue is changing prices halfway through a trade.

    Pretty simple keep your word even if you end up with a better offer middle of trade. Changing just shows how little self respect you have and how very little you value anything but greed and power
  14. If any of you need any help with detail of trader, any trade related assistance , please contact me for assistance
  15. hire my allies and drop 3 seals at my clan and i will give you 10mcs

    u first tho
  16. Step 1. Don’t be an idiot

    Congrats I’ve taught you how to avoid scammers