A Great Day for America

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  1. Belladonna-“idk much about the American court and honestly don’t care but if it’s a 5-4 split that won’t beat the previous majority so how can they overturn it without outnumbering the previous decision? What’s the use of precedent if you can overturn it with every subsequent case?[/quote][/quote]”

    So, our Supreme Court can hear cases repeatedly, there is no “double jeopardy” in cases sent to the Supreme Court. Now, there is a chance that the Supreme Court could rule in favor of a case/person, however, they still need majority vote to change any precedent when hearing certain cases. We would have to get into individual cases to review this precedent.[/quote]

    So...Jesus .....5-4 isn’t a split ...that is a majority ...a split is 4-4...a majority which you clearly don’t understand the definition means having more than the Minority ...5 is more than 4 ...a majority Jesus lady ...stop yourself your liberal madness is hilarious
  2. Just so Bella understands what the heck is going ...

    “The Supreme Court can overrule itself. This happens when a different case involving the same constitutional issues as an earlier case is reviewed by the court and seen in a new light, typically because of changing social and political situations. The longer the amount of time between the cases, the more likely this is to occur (partly due to stare decisis).”

    Which is exactly what will happen here social climate has changed ...time has passed and baby killing will no longer be tolerated ...if you can’t understand that there is no hope for you
  3. What bella doesn’t realize is supreme-court judges are NOT politicians they are judges and thus are non-partisan, they DONT make laws only enforced existing law
  4. It won’t be overturned. Again I’ll say it. The Supreme Court will hear cases about corporate insurers. Insurance agencies don’t want to cover the elective surgery. It is an elective surgery. Also corporate America don’t want to be forced to pay for it. That’ll be a case. Then there will be the tax payers case. We don’t want to pay for it also. Possibly certain types of abortions. Maybe. I’m sure planned parenthood will be a main one also, but that falls into the tax payer part. That will be the only things.

    You can’t tell anyone what they can or cannot do with their bodies. Simple. It’s president. The law has stood the test of time. It’s been blasted at every angle.

  5. Searching for approval? From whom? Your the one regaling us alll with your lige story and how your sloar panels are going to save the children. I could care less about anyones opinion of me, especially on a freaking phone game.
    Way to divert fron the issue. You still have not presented anything resembling truth.
    Have you never heard of paleoclimate study? Absolute garbage that we can only track temperature the last two hundred years. Greenland has lost 281 billion tons of ice in the last twenty years, triple the previous rate. These are measurables, not someones opinion.
    So anyway, tired of yammering on with bleating sheep. Good luck living the blinded life, if you have any more personal issues with me, I assure you, im not dtw.

  6. Yes there are many things law tells you that you cannot do with your body...****...murder...just because they made a mistake before doesn’t mean they won’t correct it now that they control the court...and it’s a priority for them to get this done. Abortion was illegal before and it will be illegal again soon.

    This is the entire point of the discussion now and why kavanaughs appointment was so important ...the precedent (or president as yuh call it) has been a thorn in conservatives side a long long time and now that the balance of power has changed on the court they fully intend to reverse it....which is what the dems did in the first place overturning a precedent that made abortion illegal ...its the same thing ...same case ...the only difference is the players involved and when your team is on the power play you better use that man advantage to score a goal :)
  7. Bruh, I’m not worried or concerned about your troops being DTW...it’s your DTW responses that are bothersome.
  8. They won’t outright outlaw abortions because of right to self determination they will probably just restrict how it is paid for.

  9. Nobody is “non-partisan”. They are placed there specifically to uphold the values of the party they were put in by....they are extremely partisan....off the record of course that’s why the votes are usually 5-4 on party lines

  10. Keep saying it all you want...it’s happening

    Repeating your pro-choice opinion over and over doesn’t make it any more of a valid opinion than mine.the country is divided ...democrats and republicans hate each other....democrats talking about impeaching any and everybody who doesn’t agree with them (ironic ) ...using paid protesters to harass conservatives ...so yes I do fully believe that passing legislation on abortion which will send them even further into insanity is a high priority for republicans ...the worse democrats act up the more red votes in November and beyond. Team Schumer and Pelosi’s antics aren’t gaining them votes ...oh no ...take it from me a life long democrat voter who voted red against Hillary and will never ...ever vote blue again
  11. What business is it of anyone’s what an individual, specifically a woman, does with their body? Answer, it’s not anyone’s business. Overturning Roe v Wade would cause unsafe abortion practices and behind the scenes abortion specialists that would have to go in hiding, thus making the procedure unsanitary and risky for the individual. Cases of sexual assault (they won’t let me use the actual term) or ****** that resulted in a pregnancy would cause psychological trauma.

    I mean, is this really the path we want to go down? A backwards path? We have the tools necessary to advert any unwanted pregnancies safely and with the least amount of emotional, mental and physical anguish to the individual. Why would you want to subvert any individual to unsafe practices? Frankly, men have no say in it, and neither does another woman. It’s the choice of the individual woman what she chooses to do with her reproductive and overall health care.
  12. I totally disagree with this, yes there are cases that a woman was mistreated, and that mistreatment may cause a pregnancy, but more than not abortion is done for the simple sake of convience. Yes its a woman's body, but in case of pregnancy its also the case of another human life, where is the right for that baby they didnt chose to be conceived? So even in the extreme cases that a woman was sexually assaulted, is it really right to kill another life because of the horrible wrong done. Plus it has been proven as well women that have abortions also go through great mental distress. But again people want to go to the woman that became pregnant because of mistreatment but reality is most become pregnant because of their choice or decision (which is when they have the choice) they already made therefore it is a murder of convience to not have to deal with the pregnancy or child.

    I mean think about it, if a pregnant woman gets killed in a car accident by a drunk driver, that drunk driver is charged with 2 murders! So the government reconizes that the baby in the womans body is a life, not just a fetus in those cases.

    Also, have you seen what happens in case of abortions, depending on how far along the pregnancy is? Its truly heart renching seeing how these babies can be removed.

    So again, in most cases, and I recognize there are the hard cases of sexual assault and such that are horrible situations and I cant imagine going through or my daughters going through, but I dont think aborting a innocent baby will help a woman going through this already horrible situation, there are other options.

  13. Yes this is the path we should have been on in the first place. Abortion...aka baby murder because you screwed up and got knocked up isn’t ok...that’s what this is regret covering up your embarrassment isn’t good enough of a reason to kill a baby....sexual assault/****** ok that’s one thing....but fixing mistakes you made?....no most of these are adults and you should live with the consequences of your actions ...you don’t want the kid many families out there would love to adopt. Worried about flabby abs after child birth?...get a gym membership. None of your excuses are good enough to allow the killing of a living fetus it’s absurd and just on the premise of nobody can tell a woman what to do with her body? Oh honey sorry that’s not a good reason that’s a crutch the Democratic Party used to ok murder
  14. Does the child whos body is being destroyed get a say in abortion!!! No!!
  15. A fetus does not equal a baby.

    Idk about America but in Australia the definition for when life begins is at first breath.
  16. Life does begin at first breath and first awareness. That happens after the fetus emerges from the womb. Not before. Life is about experience, a fetus doesn’t have any experience yet, therefore no life can be taken from something that hasn’t experienced life.
  17. Don’t worry, most can’t speak properly. Let alone type actual words. It Just shows how much attention they put into the free schooling they got. 
  18. Also @ DevilsTriangle Roe v Wade is not the standard anymore the current standard is Casey v Planned Parenthood.

    A new case which overturns the precedent would not outlaw abortions but return power to the states. In such cases abortion would still be protected in a lot of states (Original colonies, CA) etc. Then outlawed in the Bible Belt and some other states.

    Overall a repeal of Roe v Wade would do little to stop abortions and would only increase cases of infanticide and illegal abortion clinics.

    It would also increase crime rates of murder-robbery-assault as abortion statistics are prevalent in low socio-economic classes and these are the groups most likely to commit blue-collar crime.
  19. Im going to assume you have never carried a baby. Im sorry but a pregnant woman can definitely tell she has a life inside her as her baby grows and developes. And who are you to say what the baby is aware of in the womb. I would say the baby is very aware of being in the womb and is the reason it is shocked and usually cries when born, and is why some women chose to have their babies born in water. Also why you bundle the baby up so tightly and is usually calming to the baby because thats how they are in the womb before born. Anyone that can look at a baby in womb via ultrasound would know that the baby is not a ball of tissue, a tumor or anything other than a developing baby, a human life! Stop kidding yourself.