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  1. You clearly dont understand global warming
  2. You clearly dont understand english, were even.
  3. When was the law legalizing homosexual marriage made? If I may know the year, Nate?

    Got it! I'll be learning this from you, I can give you my trust that I don't learn anything misleading here!

    Also, if Kavanaugh has indeed been proven guilty, what kind of sentence do you think he would face with all the charges of sexual assault?
  4. Stop spreading that fake crap.
  5. What the HELL are you talking about ?

  6. Holydodo back with more idiotic comments,with zero facts. Id post actual qoutes from any number of scientists, but I'm frankly tired of arguing with morons. Get back to paying your bills bud, before you drive another business into bankrupcy.
  7. Yeah my bills have nothing to do with your thoughtless dribble.

    The scientists that you seem to plagiarize in your first craptacular statement have all been proven wrong. It’s was so bad they had to change the name “global warming” to the latest one climate change. You supposedly the smartest one in kaw but this may have slipped your mind....maybe? Since you’re using the old name “global warming “ then you should already know that the gage of British scientists that pushed that agenda was rebuked. They were found to have padded the results in their models. Soooo I would be right in saying and I quote “ Stop spreading that fake crap.”

    Ok smart guy ?
  8. As a conservative, I’d be more than happy to put my resume up against yours in this regard.

    I’m confused though, are you implying there are hurricanes because of global warming (they call it climate change btw)? And the reason for climate change is Republicans in the US?

    The trend here is you won’t answer these questions because you’ll realize how absurd you sound. What’s really interesting is not one lefty in this thread has been able to produce an opinion based on fact. It’s all been based on pure raw emotion.

  9. Huh? You have zero facts in the above. Just a bunch of assumptions about a) my political affliaction and b) my resume. Ill enlighten you. Im not a leftist or a rightist, i just call it like I see it.
    The planet is getting hotter. That's a fact. Plenty of people are to blame for that, not just republicans, but you all are so quick to get defensive, lol. Everything is someone elses fault. But in no way is current administration doing anything to help the situation. I asked why your not concerned about the planet our children will inhabit. So please, name a few policies implemented to protect our planet in the last two years.....
  10. Idk much about the American court and honestly don’t care but if it’s a 5-4 split that won’t beat the previous majority so how can they overturn it without outnumbering the previous decision? What’s the use of precedent if you can overturn it with every subsequent case?
  11. Oh. What’s that? A Kavanaugh classmate in Yale said that the FBI didn’t do a thorough investigation? That they rebuffed witnesses? Including him? Hmmm. So much for your innocent until proven guilty mindset, Kavanaugh supporters. 

  12. Kavanaugh Yale classmate: The FBI investigation was a joke. I tried to help and was ignored.

    McConnell: Kavanaugh battle good for GOP
    Sen. Mitch McConnell said the vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court showed the Republican Party standing up for the presumption of innocence, and he doesn't see the fight hurting his party, in fact he says it may help. (Oct. 6)

    In an almost party-line vote, senators voted this weekend to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The FBI inquiry into Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual misconduct, Republicans tell us, was rigorously conducted, and no evidence corroborating accusations by Christine Blasey Ford and Debbie Ramirez was found. The real problem, Republican Sen. Todd Young of Indiana says, are partisan Democrats on a “search and destroy mission” to undermine Kavanaugh.

    In reality, the FBI investigation was a joke. I know because I tried to help FBI and was rebuffed.

    I went to Yale with Kavanaugh, lived in the same residential halls, and graduated with him in 1987. The alleged incident between Kavanaugh and Ramirez, another classmate, occurred during 1983-1984 in a first floor “common room” in entryway “B” of Lawrence Hall. I lived on the first floor of an adjacent entryway (“A”). Kavanaugh lived in entryway “D.”

    More: Brett Kavanaugh will trigger historic Democratic turnout led by women in November election

    I am a sexual assault survivor, and I don’t want you to just take my word for it

    Democrats have unleashed a red wave of Brett Kavanaugh-believing women voters

    Many of us who lived in Lawrance Hall during 1983-1984 approached the FBI last week offering help with its inquiries. I promised a list of names of people who may have attended the party at which Ramirez claims to have been assaulted. The FBI never returned my call. Based on what has now been revealed about the FBI report, I do not believe that the FBI contacted people on that list.

    Other classmates had far more valuable information to provide. One can corroborate that he heard about the incident with Ramirez right after it occurred from a classmate. The FBI never returned his calls, either. A theologian at one of our nation’s leading universities, he did not “search and destroy.” He just wanted a proper look at the allegations so that we all could reach our own conclusions on the basis of facts, not hearsay and partisan mudslinging.

    The FBI seems to have interviewed only 11 possible witnesses relevant to both Ford’s and Ramirez’s allegations. Who made the decision to limit the inquiry’s scope? The White House and Senate Republicans. Not surprisingly, the FBI was kept from following up on a long list of possible witnesses provided by Ramirez.

    Despite Young’s claims, this was not a “thorough” FBI investigation. It was a political con job. Now Young is trying to get Hoosiers to buy into that con.

    Likely under pressure from President Donald Trump and the Senate GOP leadership, the FBI ignored the information my classmates and I tried to provide. Trump and the GOP leadership had already made up their mind about Kavanaugh. Like Young, many previously announced that they would vote to confirm Kavanaugh regardless of the FBI’s findings. And then they helped rig the process so that the rest of us would never learn what we need to know.

    Young and other GOP leaders hope to cover up their shenanigans by attacking those of us who wanted to get to the bottom of things. In fact, it is Young, Trump, and GOP Senate leaders who engaged in “search and destroy” against defenders of an impartial, thorough investigation.

    The result? A new Supreme Court justice tainted because millions still do not know what to make of the accusations against Kavanaugh. A proper FBI investigation might have put Americans’ worries to rest. But Young and his GOP buddies made sure that investigation never happened. And now they add insult to injury by attacking patriots who care about their country and one of its great institutional pillars, the Supreme Court.
  13. Lol, again, what about the six previous investigations that were conducted into the man prior to the allegations. Why didn’t they find anything in those investigations?

    Nice copy and paste Bella, well thought out. I especially like the way you added a picture and some headers.
  14. I didn’t offer any facts in that post. You’re correct. Like you, I to call it like I see it and assumed by your comments you lean left. I’m also going to assume I’m not the only one.

    However, you said, “maybe you should stop your party from burning up the planet to a crisp” and followed up by saying “another hurricane is tearing up the planet and you’re still denying global warming.” This is a common tactic used by the left, make an accusation and then question why someone is defensive as to imply guilt is associated with defending yourself.

    Let me be clear, I made no assumption about your resume, I am making a challenge to you to put your money where your mouth is. What have you done to curve “global warming” as you call it? I know how many properties/facilities have benefited from my efforts in energy reduction through lighting and motor retrofits. I’m also very proud about how much solar has been installed in NH, MA, CT, NY, NJ, MN, and CA as a direct result of my leadership while working for the nations largest retail clean energy marketing company. The leadership at companies like SunPower, SunRun, and Sungivity are familiar with my work. In 2015, our data showed that we were responsible for just under 3 percent of all residential installs in the US.

    You say the planet is getting hotter. Fair enough, let’s just go with that. However you have failed to define what that means. Hotter than yesterday, last week, month, year, decade?

    Is the earth hotter today compared to the Neiproterozoic period? How about this, is it hotter today than it was 50 million years ago?

    You are basing your fact on very limited data.

    I’ll assume you know we’ve only been recording the weather since the mid 1800’s. I’ll also assume you know that the earth is roughly 4-5 billion years old. You may not know H. sapiens are roughly 200k years old and industrialization began in the early to mid 1800s.

    Tell us, is it reasonable to come to a conclusion that the climate has changed many times over during the past 5 billion years?

    I’d like to see you produce a study that segments and measures the climate in periods of 170 years at a time, over the course of the past 5 billion years, and compares the change in temperature of each segment to that of the most recent past 170 years.

    Instead of conveniently looking over the past two years of what the Republicans have done to “help” the situation. Let’s just look at what they’ve done for the solar industry.

    Fact: In 2005, President George W. Bush signed into law the Energy Policy Act of 2005. This law established the Solar ITC, the major driving force for solar adoption in the US even today. Look at how the dems voted on this bill.

    Fact: In 2006, the ITC was extended by the Democratic lead House and Senate.

    Fact: 2008 the ITC was extended by a Democratic lead House and Senate.

    Fact: in 2017, the Republican lead House and Senate included, untouched, the ITC in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. It’s important to note, there was no obligation to do so.

    If you believe climate change is a problem, then fight for it. But don’t use pseudo science to enable you to point a finger at a particular group. Danny Kennedy realized this early in his career and changed the way he fights and it’s actually paid off big. Consider changing your message and keep in mind, you don’t need big government to solve all your problems.
  15. Yea, those “investigations” that they didn’t fully follow through with. Enough of your crap, clearly they didn’t fully do an investigation, they rebuffed witnesses, Dugan. Anything else you’d care to elaborate on?
  16. Sure, a few days ago you didn’t even know that there had been six previous investigations into the man. Today, you say they weren’t through enough. Be honest, you don’t know much more than what you can find on the internet and can copy and paste.

    Here’s Bella’s playbook: duck and dodge direct questions, rely on fallacies, copy and paste and ignore anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

    I’d be willing to bet if this conversation were in person, you’d be the loudest, most obnoxious individual in the room.
  17. Come on, smart ass. Do tell what you know and don’t know.
  18. So you don’t drive a car? You have a 0 carbon footprint?...please enlighten me you self righteous hypocrite
  19. Let’s define classmates...people that you have an class with....ok? You been to college parties I will assume. Nothing is credible from a college party. Sorry. What’s her face sweatnick- or however you spell it- already tainted the party goers by calling them if Kavanaugh was even there after she came forward......not credible.

    Another thing FBI is federal. They do not deal with domestic crimes, only background checks. If they dealt with every nut job (Dr Ford) there would be no unemployment rate. I’ll add this also.....Dr Ford has to be the most unintelligent person from academia that I have ever witnessed. The up tick of her voice is to play her as a little girl. She needs to be sued for defamation, arrested, and charged for lying to Congress. I’d go after that money she raised through all this. $1m+.