A Great Day for America

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  1. I see you’re like our buddy Musang, rather than answer the questions directly you ask a question of your own.

    You’ve done this to me before and it’s BS...either answer my questions and then ask questions of your own or continue to play the chicken poop games you’re accustomed to playing.

    I don’t believe you watched the hearing in its entirety like you claim or you wouldn’t be asking me to provide proof.
  2. "Guys you made a counter claim to my original claims? You have to posts the evidences even though i made claims without evidences"

    Sounds awfully familiar.

    Also so many sjws itt. Lel.
  3. 3 fbi investigations while holding positions with ken Starr. Bushes Florida campaign. Bushes Whitehouse staff sec. DC circuit court of appeals. And then the Supreme Court

    That would be the fbi investigations Bella. Which if you watched and listened to any of the proceedings you would have caught those.

    Where was the FBI investigations into Ford. She was nowhere near credible. She don’t remember a damn thing but points a finger at cavanah. Oh yeah wait she had one beer. Everyone that she named as her witness rebuked the allegations. It is laughable that you would think that she still is credible. Why because she sounded like a 15 year old while speaking? It was an act. Where ? Idk. How? Idk. When? Idk That is supposed to incriminate a person ? No proof just what ever flies out the mouth. Straight out of the Democratic play book. Accusations that spread chaos in order to sway the few suedo republicans into voting with the Democrats. This has been going on since Obama gained the office. Democrats have been losing seats everywhere since they adopted that type of campaign. The 11th hour shock and awe accusations aren’t working and will ultimately be the total down fall of the Democratic Party this midterm.
    You can’t keep calling half the country racist, murderers of old people, woman haters, and think you’ll get away with it. We elected someone to show the republicans how to fight back. It’s working. You are losing.
  4. Who the hell is cavanah?
  5. Don’t be dense. It’s miss spelled. Auto correct. But say what I wrote I bet it sounds the same. Try it you won’t be disappointed.
  6. Lol, four papragraph defense of a guy, maybe you want to spell his name right. Im sure he would appreciate it, moron.
  7. I didn’t realize how many leftist we had. Okay here’s the problem with being really left or really right.

    You get blinded by your political beliefs and automatically assume something that may be false. We’ve seen it in this thread. Some of the leftist players have just assumed that the right wing players are stupid conservatives who are probably racist. That’s an unfair assumption.

    As a person who’s a Libertarian (social leftist and economic right wing) I know just from being in rallies and meetings and asking people that the average American who votes based off who’s best all think that the way the Dems have been handling themselves is actually far worse than the way the Rep have been handling things.

    I’ve noticed that Democrats tend to always have to blame someone else for problems that occur instead of just fixing it. Like if your car breaks down instead of trying to blame someone and make people mad at someone else, just go out and fix it.

    What’s the old saying that is super true but we all got tired of as kids? Oh yeah. “Actions speak louder than words.”

    If you want something done stop blaming other people and just get up and do it.

    That why I can respect a Republican. I may not agree with what they are doing but at least they are DOING something.

  8. Here is the problem. The two party system sucks. Im tire of picking betweeen two unqualified people constantly. Instead of defending lame republicans, why dont you tout some of you libertarian people. There probably doomed, but maybe if we payed more attn to people without the game rigged in their favor, we'd all be better off.
  9. Lol we will be rising soon. It’s happening already. We are being elected in a lot of local governments and state positions. That’s all it takes to get people to see we are the best thing for the US. I would argue that by 2020 we will have at least one or two governors and senators that are Libertarian and by 2024 at the rate we are moving we could hold at least 1/4 of the government positions. With the rest split between Dems and Reps.

    But yes everyone would be better off if they read and voted for the good Libertarians.
  10. Don’t spread fake news.
  11. Proud to not be American. And I am serious about that. Individually I have met and know many many amazing people from the states. People that share my view and those that don’t. What makes humanity great is the ability to get along. I have one rule in life. Don’t be a dick. The gong show that is American bi-partisan politics has defeated democracy around the world. You have countries like Russia easily taking advantage of your leaders. You have organizations like the NRA, funded by outside governments, putting guns in your schools. It’s time to get rid of all the bi partisan divisions and just do what’s right. I really would not care but what the US does affects my life and the very Notion of a guy like Trump has given a rogue underbelly of even my society the thought that they can have a voice. That they can be racist. That they can decide what my daughters do with their bodies. Decide that they can go around and act like frat boys, take advantage of women and get rewarded. It’s a sad state of affairs and you are making the world a dangerous place.

    The irony, the very next comment will probably be one of those guys trolling.
  12. Hello there, DeltaForceGM01!

    May I know who Kavanaugh is? Or could you tell me a bit about how the Supreme Court works in general? I'm interested to learn new things!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, Huma, I just want to add in a seperate sub-topic about Trump. I have read in a newspaper that says Donald Trump was confirmed to be mentally ill? Is that right?
  13. That’s incorrect, Sean. He’s not mentally ill people just don’t like him. He’s an idiot, but he’s not mentally ill.

    So for the Supreme Court... basically they make sure that laws are upheld. Or that’s all they are supposed to do. During the Obama administration they actually made a law legalizing homosexual marriage. Which is cool but technically out of there power range. That showed everyone that the Supreme Court basically has the most power in government. Also it’s members are in for life or until resignation.

    Kavanaugh is the newest member. He was accused of sexual assault by Dr. Ford and a couple other women. All couldn’t provide any evidence supporting those claims so he was voted in. Whether or not he was guilty I have no idea, but he has not been proven guilty yet so we will see.
  14. Supreme Court doesn’t make law, it interprets the constitution and upholds or strikes down laws based on that.
  15. Where do you even start with a post like this?

    First, it wouldn’t make sense to be a proud American when you’re not an American at all.

    Humanity is great when we get along but that’s such a general statement it isn’t a reflection of reality. Humanity is great when opposing points of view can sit down in a civil manner and discuss their issues without the threat of violence. It’s great when we come together to address adversity that threatens the fabric of all civil societies.

    You mention bipartisan but I don’t believe you understand the difference between partisan and bipartisan. Drop the prefix and you’re golden.

    I become very confused with your statement about democracy. Please explain where democracy is under attack in the world as a result of partisanship in US politics?

    Russia has been meddling in our elections almost as long as we have in theirs. What US leaders are being taken advantage of and what has brought you to this conclusion?

    The NRA has admitted that they received payment from a Russian banker for a lifetime membership for a little more than $2,500 US dollars. That individual has now had sanctions levied against him by the Trump administration. What governments are funding the NRA? Also, what schools in the US are the NRA putting guns into? Perhaps you meant the Clinton Foundation?

    It is fact, by their own admission, that while Hillary was Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation accepted donations from foreign officials. One donation even violated an ethics agreement with the Obama administration.

    I believe you don’t understand how the NRA generates money nor do you understand how they use it. There was a piece on the subject in the N.Y. Times. Check it out as it’s actually not a bad piece.

    Most people believe partisan politics are a battle of political ideology between the Democrats and Republicans. I don’t see it this way. I believe the real issue is rooted in the unquenchable thirst for power. Who controls the money is the true issue here. Ever wonder how one side gets another side to flip? It’s simple...if there’s no money in a bill for my district, I’m voting no. This isn’t to say it’s always like that, there are issues that are split down the isle but the majority of the time, that is not the case.

    Partisan politics will never disappear and will be played on voters in the form of party platforms.

    I do not know where you’re from or what rights you have been afforded. However in the US, people have a right to freedom of speech. Simply because you don’t agree with someone’s point of view, regardless of how offensive or vile the message is, you cannot infringe upon that right.

    My son is only half of the same ethnicity I am. I do not, nor ever will agree that’s its acceptable to judge someone based on their race or ethnicity. However, if someone chooses to be so ignorant to do so, they have the right.

    The line is drawn when an individual or group use racism as a means to restrict the freedoms or cause violence to another group. There is no place for this in a free society.

    It is dangerous to restrict conflicting points of views in a free society however. History has proven this time and time again. Are you saying people with a conflicting point of view should not be afforded the same freedoms you are granted?

    I don’t think the debate is about what women can or can’t do with their body as it’s more of a debate about terminating another life form. I’m curious when you thought of your children as your babies? For me it was three weeks after pregnancy (when we discovered) that we saw a little circle on the screen with a beating heart. A very powerful moment in my life.

    While this argument is made from a religious and medical point of view, ultimately the federal government has the authority to rule on the constitutionality of the issue.

    You’re right about how one should conduct themself. It’s disgusting that there are people in power who have prayed on the opposite sex and committed such foul offenses. The topic however has been to the merits of one particular person in this thread. Some people have argued that because there was an allegation it must be true, while others have maintained the evidence is circumstantial and without proof, had no merit. Are you satisfied when allegations are taken as truth without scrutiny?

    Hopefully you didn’t find any irony in this post or believe I’ve been trolling. I look forward to your response.
  16. A lot of false claims there. Not sure how you USA affects your life, your daughters choices, and your choices. That would be your government. Really you have no clue what you’re talking about. Russia isn’t a threat to the US. We are putting all the other nations to task to keep up their end of the agreements. Your government has most likely taken advantage of our niceness for far to long. All of you are just upset you all got told what to do. Trumps foreign policies are working. You are wasting time kicking and crying about them before accepting them. You’re all implementing the policies also, but because your people want it so. The world masses are pretty much done with the global hate messages you are still trying to push. Obama’s politics hurt the world. Made China the grow and be even more defiant. That’s the global threat not Russia. Fact check before you push send, because you’re about 8 yrs behind.
  17. Roe v wade is going away...baby killing days are over and liberals are melting down because of it
  18. Sorry Nate but Trump isn’t an idiot. Just because a Republican finally tells it like it is, calls out the obstructionists, and uses twitter doesn’t make him an idiot. If you can’t rely on the news media to get your message across then twitter is the best way. He uses it well. He is turning around the US economy to where people are making money. The private sector, which Democrat policy chased them away, is coming back stronger. GDP is a record high and rising. Unemployment is shrinking for everyone. Blacks unemployment is a record low, stat has never been close to what it is now. It’s the same with all women and ethnic groups. New trade deals that actually benefit all parties involved. Equal playing field instead of countries over taxing the US. Canada and Mexico whined and cried about the trade policy at first, why wouldn’t they? They had the upper hand. Now they don’t. Europe will fall in line.
    US economic growth fuels the world. It doesn’t make sense that we can’t set the rules on fair trade. So where does his political successes make him an idiot ? I don’t see it. It’s been far to long that the Democrats been able to act like fools, tell everyone to pound sand, and get away with it. The people of the United States elected a man that fights for its people, tells the world we are no longer the piggy bank, and grows the world economy. You still think he’s an idiot ? Shame on you.

    Now to your false claims of some libertarian wave coming. You get maybe 2 people elected at some local level and it’s a wave ? Libertarian is a theory at best. There is such a small minute of you people that it really doesn’t matter. Your candidates have epically failed every election. What you get like 2-4% of the vote. Really if you guys stayed out of the Obama’s two Presidential races he wouldn’t have been elected. You guys took 2-4% away from the republican candidate. We wouldn’t have had to play clean up, but now thanks our side is killing it. All you out there may not like Trump but man his policies are working and blowing everyone’s elses out of the water.

    You want the US to be more like Europe, Canada, and or Chinese in economic policies? Then move to those countries that your side wants to protect so bad. Mitt Romney told all of you that Russia wouldn’t be the problem. China would. Your side wants to suck butt of the globalists that are trying to undermine The United States and collapse it within.

    And you say Trump is the idiot. Seriously Nate? Seriously?

    I’ve struggled through all the Obama years of bad policy after bad policy attacking the middle class. I’ve had to close two businesses, put 35 people out of work because his policies. I can’t recover those businesses. I struggled to put food on the table, clothes, and shoes on my kids. I’ve struggled to keep the house living from paycheck to paycheck. 45 year old man can’t start at $10/hr to feed a family. I couldn’t get the jobs I was qualified for because Obamanonmics chased them out the country.

    Who’s the idiot ?

    I’m building a bank account now. I’m paying the bills. I have money for emergencies. I’m not struggling to keep the house and nobody's going hungry. All because of Trump’s smart negotiations and regulation roll backs.
    I think I’ll stick with the guy and vote him in for the next four years. You will still benefit from his policies while voting for that libertarian on city council.

    At least you can say thanks.
  19. Lol, Domo, if we dont agree on anything else we seem to agree on politics!! :)
  20. Dr Fraud had no evidence against him, her “witnesses” even said that she is lying, it was a dem scam to discredit a honest man who has done great things and will go on to do even greater things