A Great Day for America

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  1. Oh come on Bella. You know she is lying. She has a doctorate in psych. Her main expertise is such things of polygraphs and the effects on ones psyche. Also if the woman that was named was and I say “if”, telling the truth how would you know ? Eh ?
  2. And how do you know they’re lying, eh?
  3. Inocent until proven guiltily
  4. Guilty till proven innocent
  5. Conservative lie, cheat, kill, adulterer in the name of Jesus. Yet that’s the fundamental of the 10 commandments. Hypocrites that uses god forgiveness to accept evils. I rather respect those who does not believe in god that always do the right thing than hypocrite conservatives.
  6. Lmao ! You are really out there mus. You don’t think that there are god fearing democrats ?
  7. Kavanaugh lies under oath, yet he still gets confirmed to the Supreme Court. It’s ridiculous.
  8. I think most democrats are god fearing people. They the true protector of the weak and marginalized. The different with conservative. They love to push their agenda to everyone. They don’t believe on freedom of choice if the choice don’t help push their agenda. They will use the gods name. If you look at it in Muslim perspective they are the ISIS. Their believe is the only way. Anyone does not follow their view must view as evil. They forgot to look in the mirror. I doubt they even understand what conservative means.
  9. No such thing as innocent as proven guilty in a job interview. Nobody was tryin to send him to prison. Lol, always twistin ****.
  10. Still asking for a friend
  11. Ford lied under oath and she gets to keep all that money from go fund me account? If I was cavanah I’d open law suit for defamation. FBI is already going after one accuser for lying under oath. Ford lied. Dems paraded someone in front of the nation with checking her story. Right out of Dems play book. Dems are done after this midterm.
  12. You are definitely brainwashed. When you stop drinking the Kool Aid and wipe of you glasses do the research. Dems need types like you....dependents.
  13. Knew you wouldn’t take me up on my challenge.
  14. Domo, did you watch the entirety of the Senate Judiciary Committee video? All 7 hours of it? She didn’t lie. She passed a polygraph. You are rambling nonsense. No wonder the right is seen as misinformed and factually wrong.
  15. Bella I listened and watched. She lied her ass off. Everyone that she named as witnesses denied her accusations. One of them was her best friend. This isn’t a #metoo moment. This is someone that made up a story about a high profile public official. And again her area of expertise is the polygraph. She didn’t even know what exculpatory evidence means. It was a facade to act the way she did. You are smarter than that Bella. You can’t make accusations without having the proof and you have to believe it just because it’s a chic that said it. Blah !! If I was him I’d sue her for all that money in that go fund me account. She made 1m for about 2weeks worth of work.
  16. I’ll say this. Just because SOME republicans seem racist and just because SOME democrats seem socialist doesn’t mean they all are.

    You’re discriminating when assuming that because the loudest voices are the ones speaking stupidity that means “all republicans are conservative racists” or that “all democrats are liberal socialists” when simply that’s not the case.

    Most of the people here probably use Twitter as a news source. Wait sorry that’s assuming something that might not be right just because you support one group or the other or because you play a mobile game or because your points don’t really always make sense.

    Justice also works in that way.

    Hey, Bella you stole my bike in kindergarten. You’re guilty.

    If everyone just believed that with no evidence right off the bat (which is what happens a LOT) wouldn’t you agree you’d think everyone who agreed with me was stupid?

    The U.S. Justice System was founded on the belief that “Innocent until proven guilty.”

    Allegations don’t define how well someone can perform at a job or task. Conviction does.

    I’m not even a supporter of the Republicans or Democrats. I’m Libertarian, but even I’m smart enough to know and understand that you are innocent until proven guilty. If he’s guilty the truth will come out. If she’s serious and not lying she will keep digging until she finds the proof she has to have. It’s how it works, and if it is true I hope she does that. If it’s not I hope she apologizes.
  17. Well, if they would have done a full investigation, the truth would have come out. But alas, they didn’t because it was a high profile person of interest. But yet the black man (Cosby) goes to jail for his crimes, the white man (Kavanaugh) gets a seat on the Supreme Court. We’re officially back to oppressive times and antiquated ideologies. Welcome to “Merica”, where the poor and helpless remain victimized and the strong and rich continue getting richer and stronger off of those poor and helpless individuals.

    The entire government is one big playground of bullies and their targets are the American people. You don’t have to have any political affiliation to see it. Women can be sexually assaulted yet it goes unpunished because unless there is photographic or video-graphic evidence, the accuser is lying or making it up. We’ve gotten to the point of extreme victim-blaming due to a screwed up societal mindset. The Kavanaugh/Ford case is a prime example.
  18. We have gotten to that point because people accuse all the time. A story came out a few months ago of a US Marine who broke up with his girlfriend and she got mad so she told the police he raped her and he got discharged and was almost living on the streets.

    That’s why people question assault cases. Because both men and women will lie and cheat the system just to ruin someone else’s life. That’s human flaw not governmental.

    Also the whole racial thing has no point to be brought up. The difference between Cosby and Kavanaugh is that the accusers of Cosby had some form of evidence and he ADMITTED to it. As much as I hope Dr. Ford isn’t telling the truth and if she is again I hope whoever did that to her is put behind bars, she presented to evidence whatsoever. I mean even her best friend and witness denied being there when she said she was. That’s just sketchy.
  19. I bet you were ducking and dodging the water cannons, K9s and police batons when you typed this one out. If only you had an outlet to voice your opinion in these oppressive times we live in...

    Seriously, I hate to marginalize some of you but it’s absolutely mind boggling that you won’t consider reason and prefer to base your opinions on pure unadulterated raw emotion.

    Bella, you are so far off in left field you’re beyond the weeds. Kavanaugh went through six separate FBI investigations before the most recent seventh. What in the hell do you want from an investigation? Should we locate every single person he’s ever crossed paths with and get their take on the guy? Please explain how the seven investigations conducted by the FBI on the man should have been conducted and didn’t meet your standards.

    You’ve also brought up a lie detector test in a previous post. Please explain why in most states, they are not admissible in court.
  20. Six investigations into the seventh? Please provide the proof to these claims.